February 1, 2010

I wish I could say I took these because that would mean I've actually been to these magical looking locations. I can't remember where they're all from unfortunately, most are sourced through Flickr or We♥It, but I was click + save happy and didn't copy the source code. So to those who took these amazing photos of landscapes that seem otherworldly, lucky you and thank you!

*side note* You may have noticed I added music to my blog. I know some people hate music on websites, especially if we don't share similar tastes in music. You can shut it off by clicking the "STOP" (square button). I created the playlist for my own enjoyment while working as sometimes Pandora can be hit or miss and I'm too lazy to keep switching out CDs.


  1. Love the train shot! so beautiful!



  2. Thanks for sharing these photos...Gorgeous! I love finding new photographers on Flickr.

  3. WOW, all the photos come together so perfectly! Each and every one, utterly beautiful magnificent in all of mother nature's glory. Thanks for compiling.


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