April 9, 2010
"I existed, we existed. I had a story to tell." I always think of this when I view old photos and look upon the faded faces in the photographs. It always makes me a little melancholy, like when you have to go to the airport knowing your vacation must come to an end. You're kind of happy because of the memories but kind of sad too because it's over.

Image credits: 1.} Le Biciclette, 2.} Frankling Park, 1912, 3.} Woman in a Rowboat, 4.} Allison in the Teens, 5.} Jersey Shore in the 1920s, 6.} Jolis Femmes, 7.} Playing with Water, 8.} Victorian Cycling, 9.} What Story Does This Tell?, 10.} Delivering the News in 1896


  1. oh my goodness would you look at those crazy waists at no. 6?! I love the pictures you chose a lot, especially no. 4 :)

  2. oh my dear, how do you find these lovely photos?


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