April 9, 2010
My Own "Circus Inspired" Dress

While watching Project Runway I was inspired to draw up my own "circus" dress. Too bad I can't sew :( and I couldn't quite draw the "petals" right, they look like eggs. LOL. But they're suppose to be large floaty chiffon petals!

I do wish I could sew though, other than the simple adding buttons and simple hemming I'm pretty clueless with a sewing machine. I would have the loveliest clothes if only I could sew!

The inspiration is from what tight rope walkers or those aerial dancers would wear in the good old circus days. I would wear this to a birthday party. And the floral ribbons on the shoulders are detachable in case you don't want to look too "fairy" like. (But I like fairies... so I would definitely wear these)


  1. Super cute! I loved the circus challenge.

  2. Aaaahhh!! How lovely!!
    That is definitely a dress to wear to a birthday party.


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