April 1, 2010
I saw these Dita Von Teese candid photos over at { the Fashionspot } and fell in love with her simple and oh-so-chic outfit. The low scoop neck blouse has the tiniest polka dots, I love tiny polka dots! The reason I adore this look so much is because it is so very wearable.

Some things Dita wears I love so much but I don't have the confidence to wear them...ok it might also be because I don't OWN anything as amazing as her vintage collection...but if I did...there IS only one Dita Von Teese.


  1. I love Dita. She's so classically chic and sophisticated...

  2. I love her, too! This outfit is wonderful... I'm shocked to see her not only without red lipstick, but in flats! She looks so much like my sister without the makeup.


  3. She looks so pretty, I love her style and moves XDD; I want her hair ^^

  4. It is so great to see that she is so classy even without full makeup and a fancy dress.

  5. Dita Von Teese is probably my favorite celebrity (Seriously) - she is flawless every time you see her whether day or night, casual or event. She a beautiful woman and have wonderful taste in clothes.

  6. oh she's gorgeous!!!
    her skin is so beautiful isnt it?!
    wish she'd do a reality show....would be great to follow her day to day

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