April 1, 2010
Here's a great tip on dating vintage purses! It's usually easier to date a vintage dress as most vintage collectors and sellers can recognize the silhouettes and pinpoint the decade, but what to do about vintage accessories? So without further ado...

{ Dating Vintage Tip of the Day... }

In the 1940s lucite was used for purse frames and handles usually for crocheted or corde bags.

In the 1950s lucite and acrylic were used to create entire purses usually in boxy geometric shapes with hinged lids (like a bucket). These clear purses were popular for only a short time in the 50s and therefore highly collectible and sought after today fetching prices from $150 to $400.

Lucite and acrylic were used in later years, but were not as common as they were in the 40s (frames/handles) and 50s (entire purses).

So, now you know! ^_^


  1. thanks for the tip! PS: WHERE did you see that bird purse bottom left??? I collect things with blue jays on them and would die to know...

  2. Oh, by the way, the bottom middle one: is it possible that acrylic frame was from the 1930s? I have a white one almost exactly like it and was told it was 30s. Made sense at the time, given the knitting/crocheting popularity and the more "deco" design of the frame. Maybe?

  3. Thank you SO much for your posts and for the link!!!

  4. Great tip :) It is hard to date accessories. Sometimes the zipper helps or the lining.

  5. These stunning pieces, saw a picture of Marilyn Monroe carrying the last one transparent bag! gorgeous!


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