August 10, 2010
Entra neste jovem movimento DadSnakehead Prom Old family photo Amsterdam Summer of 70 - 1970 06 QUB 128a Kelly Isabelle Carlene April 1971 95-302 022111 Guess the Decade Trafalgar Square - Happier This Time

Some of these photos look like they were taken yesterday with a vintage camera. Especially the one tagged "Amsterdam". The girl in the yellow coat could be on The Sartorialist! Also love the street photo of the girl in Olives + Camel tones, she is holding a rolled up Cosmopolitan magazine. It's very apparent, even through these simple found vintage photographs, that the styles & trends of the 1970s are still influencing modern day fashion.


  1. Damn i love those pictures!! STUNNING, really!!


  2. I love vintage clothing and I have always had a fascination with old photos its good to see what "normal" everyday people wore. Your blog is captivating!

  3. I really really love these! More please!!!


  4. Just found you site, and am completely impressed. I make a lot of my clothing, and am always looking for vintage style hints.

    Oh, and I totally had a poncho like those kids! Mine was pink and white, courtesy of my grandma!

  5. 4th picture down, that yellow coat is amazing. I love it :) Great blog!

    Sarah x


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