October 16, 2010
The Edge of Love is a movie set in the 1940s loosely based on events revolving around the Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. Even if it is just for the beautiful and simple clothes as worn by Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller.
Fashion Inspiration from the Movies

For outfits inspired by the movie "The Edge of Love" remember to keep your colors mostly neutral with desaturated pops of color in shades of maroon, salmon, perhaps even teal.

A cozy cardigan or sweater is an absolute must! Nothing like warm woolens to keep out the Autumn and Winter chills!

Wellies might not be an everyday necessity for most places of the world so for shoes just keep in mind a utilitarian look. Leather boots with chunky heels (especially vintage ones that are already soft and worn in) are perfect options.

I love that the clothes from the movie have a hint of prettiness, not pretty fussy, just sensible pretty. So when it comes to picking accessories keep in mind function with a little simple flair. For example, vintage leather gloves with a bit of contrast stitching or button details.


  1. I adore the boots and the peter pan collar blouse. Great items! xx, Alice

  2. Love the tones of it all- think that's what I just love most about vintage clothes; such classy patterns and colours!

    Adore the bag and socks! :p

    ♥ un peu de tout

  3. wow, that outfits are incredible!!
    y love this blog and i follow you :D if you want you can follow me to cause im new at this hahaha, thanks


  4. Great picks! Who made the cardigan and the bag??? I'm obsessed!

  5. knightly's a perfect clotheshorse altho she's really too skinny. she does vintage so well. i love the styling done for her in Atonement.

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