November 9, 2010

Adorevintage has finally gotten in new vintage clothes and accessories! YAY! The Bon Chance Madeline 1950s wiggle dress is one of my absolute favorites in the shop and would keep it in a heartbeat if it were my size! The "reverse" Peter Pan collar is just too cute, don't you think? I also quite love the Bird of Paradise hat from the 1940s with the giant plumes and the green net veil. I actually used this for a styling job I had a couple weeks ago (which hopefully you'll see in a magazine very soon!)

The vintage Wooded Violets Necklace makes me smile whenever I see it. The first time I spotted them I thought of Betty Grable even though they're from the 1980s, I don't know why, I just think of Betty! I was so shocked to find out the label on the South of Fiji Dress reads Frederick's of Hollywood! When I think of Frederick's I always imagine their cheesy lingerie, but not super adorable vintage sundresses!

Guess which of these is my favorite?! If you guessed The Cat Lady Necklace then you're right! This vintage necklace is made out of little kitty cat charms *meow* and I adore it so! I have one similar to it with elephants that I love dearly. I have quite a few figural vintage jewelry pieces so sometimes I need to let them go so I don't become the crazy cat lady of vintage costume jewelry. Ha! Ha!

Shop Link: To view more vintage in our shop, be sure to visit the "What's New" section!


  1. Dang...some things you find take my breath away <3

  2. I just couldn't resist your Bon Chance dress--I snapped it up moments ago from your shop! i will be sure to blog about it. I can't wait for that collar!
    Also--I wanted to mention that I love your hair in the recent posts--really cute in the new short look! I've been pining for a shaggy pixie myself, and the pretty neckline on the Bon Chance dress may just push me to make it happen.

  3. I love the REd bag! So cutee!!



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