February 17, 2012
Awhile back I had found this random photo on tumblr which I later posted on Pinterest and shared on facebook (I really liked this photo, apparently) and I kind of wanted to know, who was this pretty gal with her winning smile.

As She Was: Vintage Photo Collection

Well this morning, while doing the usual browsing on this here internets, I came across the photo again, then click click click... I found an entire set of photos with this gal! (BTW, her name is Clara) Ok, that totally makes me sound like some kind of vintage creeper, but this woman just had that "it" factor, wish I was related to her, can you imagine the awesome vintage loot I would get my hands on?

As She Was: Vintage Photo Collection As She Was: Vintage Photo Collection As She Was: Vintage Photo Collection As She Was: Vintage Photo Collection As She Was: Vintage Photo Collection As She Was: Vintage Photo Collection As She Was: Vintage Photo Collection As She Was: Vintage Photo Collection

Okay, this last photo makes me really wish I knew this woman because of the caption...
As She Was: Vintage Photo Collection
"Taken in the Bronx, New York in 1949. Movie-star dress was designed and made by the girl wearing it, my mother, Clara."

She designed and made this dress! I wonder how many other of her dresses she's wearing in these photo were designed and handsewn by her too? Oh, I wish I could sew! I've tried, really. Ok, well not REALLY tried. By trying I mean I spent a ton of dough on a sewing machine and then it got shoved in the back of my closet never to be seen again. This lady is seriously my new style icon.

All these amazing photos are sourced from Vintage America by Robert Barone.


  1. I love how the outfit on the woman standing on the fence looks both very 1940's and 1980's. I find the way that fashion trends recycle themselves is fascinating. I just wish that Victorian era gowns and hats would come back in style! :)

  2. Wow, she's so fashionable and gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photos; I'm enjoying them

  3. wow!! you are quite the little detective, aren't you :)?! That must have been so thrilling to find out who she was! she is absolutely beautiful!


  4. These are really beautiful. It's funny that I happened to read this post today because I actually just put up a post on my own Grandmother, with photos of the same era. She'd always tell me about how people knew how to dress back then and if you were going downtown, you HAD to have a hat. So jealous of that time... Anyway, if you are interested, here's the link: http://www.couturearabesque.com/2012/02/my-ultimate-style-icon.html

    ps, Lovely new vintage pieces as always. :)


  5. So inspiring, thanks for posting these!

  6. fabulous style & gorgeous lady !! thanks for sharing !
    she makes me remenber of my own grandmother in the end of 30's and begining of 40'S. Not really the same but something really ;-) !
    I follow you from Paris...

  7. Wow, she really did have impeccable style. That last dress is to die for! xo Vanessa

  8. I'm speechless - these are all so incredible!


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