March 7, 2012
It feels so nice to get back into the swing of things. I have to be honest, I'm a creature of habit. (Well, aren't most of us?) I like things to be written down, to be scheduled, to be consistent. Although, I am almost always late to things. I blame that on my island upbringing. So, it's nice that I'm getting back into the habit of weekly listings... and speaking they are!

This weekend's vintage shop update features my favorite color scheme... cream, pale peach, pale pink... no grey. But there is a good mix of black and hints of tangerine. I really am enjoying putting together these "curated" mini collections for the weekly shop updates! In other news... the design of the new website is coming along! I finally finished coding the product listing pages and index page. Hopefully will be ready to be launched within 2 weeks!

All these new updates will be up Saturday - Sunday.


  1. Beautiful as always... btw, I just saw you on the vender list for A Current Affair. I am really hoping to make it out there this year, so I hope to see you there!


    1. Yes, I'll be at A Current Affair! Will you be there?

  2. omg, love the lingerie pieces... absolutely beautiful!


  3. so many beautiful things!! I would love to buy them all!! ....Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Such exquisite pieces! I am absolutely in love with the peach bra and high-waist panty set, the pearl collar, and the long-sleeve accordian pleat dress. So, so pretty.

  5. Pure pure beauty! That kimono! Wow..

  6. that kimono is so great. :)

  7. Hello ! :-) I just found your blog and oh thanks lord i found it! I really adore it :-) I'm clothing artesan from Finland and your blog is very inspirational!


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