June 22, 2012
Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to share these beautiful vintage magazine covers from the 1940s featuring some of my favorite Hollywood celebrity icons like Rita Hayworth, Gene Tierney, and Betty Grable.

img src: flickr | vintage magazines


  1. I love it! LOVE< LOVE< LOVE! Come check out my old Hollywood photo shoot. Jamie

  2. I can't believe that second one is Shirley Temple! She looks so pretty!
    Love all of these :-)

    1. Oh my goodness I know! How blessed was she to be the most adorable little girl and grow up also completely beautiful!

  3. What delightful covers!

  4. What wonderful magazine covers! Thank you for sharing...These definately need to go to our Pinterest boards...

  5. Stunning! Love the Rita and Veronica Lake ones xo

  6. I feel satisfied after finding this one.

  7. It's interesting how color photos really show off the way that the women's mouths were being redrawn in this era, you can really see in Veronica Lake's picture, for example, the line where her actual lips end and how the lipstick is extended out several millimeters past that point. (I first noticed the trend for totally redrawing lips in the 40s with pictures of Gracie Allen, who'd been acting since the 20s and how her mouth suddenly became a totally different shape in her publicity photos from this time.)


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