July 1, 2012
I had quite a frustrating day at work today and have been having multiple inner monologues with myself about it. The fella is getting better at reading me and that when I just go into shut down mode it's because my mind is whirring like a tornado, smoke all a steamin!

Vintage 1920s Lawn Party Dress Vintage Photo

There are good days and bad days. Pros and Cons. Sometimes the promise of greatness seems slightly attainable, but today I was just really crushed by something my boss said.

So I've been asked to stay longer, later hours which means a typical 11-12 hour work day at my day job. And time and time again I have tried to explain to my boss I cannot stay 11 hours every evening as I have plans after certain work days (Bible Study on Mondays and Tuesday Night Dinners with my Church). And he responded to this that my "personal life can't be excuses" and that I must stay late every day until the launch of our new project (which has now been moved to October...it was March, then June, then Aug, now October)

I'm starting to wonder if it's worth all the stress. Then part of me worries about just doing A | V full time. Can I do it? Have you ever taken a scary leap? How did you get the guts to do it?

Today my feet are shaky and I hate that.


  1. These look absolutely beautiful! And that dress looks really fantastic. The details are exquisite. I LOVE IT! ♥

  2. Many times I've been thinking of taking that scary leap, quitting my day job and be the boss for myself. But I haven't yet. I wish you all the strength everyday. :)

  3. I wanna have that shot too.I really found it cool,i mean vintage style :D

  4. First, what is it that you work with?
    Maybe it's time to search for a new job and quick when you have found a new one that is a lot better then the one you have today?

  5. I had a job at a big swedish magazine, meaning working all the time... One fine day I felt overstressed and wanted to have more quality sparetime, having the time for my boyfriend, friends and VINTAGE. I quit my job 3 years ago and became a freelancer. I have never ever regret it. Sometimes it's scary cus of the economy, but it's worth it. Love being my own boss. And one fine day I will try to combine my "day time job as a freelance journalist" with opening up a vintage shop :-)

    Wish you all strenght and luck!!!!

  6. thats just crazy - they shouldnt expect you to work such crazy hours. You should just get up and leave at your home time and maybe negotiate to work longer one day a week. Its really unfair as your are basically working for free and decrease your value in the workplace. The more we allow this kind of culture in the workplace, the worse it is for everyone - you sound stressed. Maybe find a new part time job and try to juggle your passion with work!! goodluck!

  7. i wanted to thank you for your sweet comment about my hankies...

    and i'm very sorry to hear about your troubles at work. i recently started a new job and was going through a similar situation at first. thankfully work has calmed down for me... i think for artists and vintagers like us it's sometimes so hard to decide what path to take. i think what you do with a.v. is so wonderful and if that is what you are truly passionate about then you should follow your heart with it!


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