November 15, 2012
I've been working on a few little side projects on Adored Vintage such as the vintage clothing sewing terminology guide and the vintage bulletin, along with the daily ins and outs of running an online vintage store that my daily outfits have been to say the least, a bit lazy. If you follow adoredvintage on instagram then you would have seen one of these lazy outfits, also known as my "boyfriend uniform".

Vintage Inspired Outfit, Modern Day 1940s

And of course when one dresses in a lazy manner and wears their hair in a messy bun for the 5th day in a row, then one starts to feel fuddy duddy and last night I was feeling this very much. So my antidote for this fuddy duddiness is to dress up in something pretty, yet simple, and put on red lipstick. Of course by the time I got to taking these photos the red lipstick was long gone, but for 9 AM this morning, it did the trick.

Vintage Inspired Outfit, Modern Day 1940s

I was going to do my hair up in a 1940s hairstyle this morning, but seeing as I had to go into work today, I knew I'd ruin it and just put it into a bun, so I straightened out my curls instead. I very rarely wear head to toe vintage (and my head to toe I mean hair, makeup, and clothing) mostly because I can't quite carry the whole vintage look like some vintage fashion bloggers can. I do very much admire girls that wear their hair in 40s hairstyles and have perfectly done makeup. But sadly I will not achieve that polished vintage look and I know it's not really me either.

My definition for vintage for my own self (and obviously this doesn't apply to everyone who wears vintage, just me personally, if you ever cared to wonder) is vintage that looks modern. I love mixing vintage clothing with modern day clothing in a way that makes it difficult for someone to figure out WHICH is vintage and which isn't.

Vintage Inspired Outfit, Modern Day 1940s

What is your definition of vintage fashion for your own personal style? What's your antidote for the fuddy duddies?


  1. love this outfit! You look stunning!
    I like that you didn't do a 40's hairdo. The straight hair makes this look so current.

    my definition of wearing vintage is similar to yours. I love mixing and matching beautiful vintage pieces with modern trends for an eclectic mix.
    My signature is jeans and a tee shirt with rhinestone jewellery.


  2. Very nice and...modern trend vintage!Amazing!Great inspiration!!Un saludo!Angela!

  3. Really Very nice and modern trend.

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  4. great!kisses from Italy

  5. oh wow this looks great! love the skirt color! but yeah, dressing pretty always does the trick. same with red lips :)
    i also think that considering how vintage everything modern started to look, you might look modern just in vintage or the other way around. confusing times we live in...

  6. I love it! I, too, can't usually do vintage head to toe. I wouldn't mind it, but my wardrobe isn't up to it yet and, well, it's just so much.... work. I'm a college student! I don't have time to do all of that preparation in the morning.
    I like wearing dresses a lot, often with lower heels on campus. I always make sure to dress nice and look very put together on test days, especially! It helps the confidence level!

  7. I totally agree with you on vintage feeling modern! I like to mix vintage pieces with modern ones to keep it looking current, but the vintage pieces just have a great feel to them.

    As far as de-fuddy-duddy-ing yourself, a pretty skirt and red lipstick always does the trick for me :)

  8. I enjoy wearing all vintage or to the best of my ability, as well as doing my makeup and hair - that's kind of what makes it fun for me. Transporting myself to a different time is more fun to me than trying to stay looking modern. That said, I definitely make exceptions - I do simple hairstyles and simple hats - I wouldn't really go around with Betty Grable curls all over my forehead or a super dramatic hat because I wouldn't feel like myself.

    When I feel fuddy duddy trying something new with my makeup is the best. Bright red lipstick is always good, a dramatic eye look, something fun that I'll enjoy every time I look in the mirror. And I don't wear heels often so I always feel different when I put them on.

  9. Aww sweetpea! You look gorgeous here! I wish I could photograph you! =^..^= One day one of us might cross the pond! Who knows! hehe! I just wanted to say your shop is looking fan-tastic! Better than EVER! So glad you have made such a recovery from your hick-up I hated reading about it the past ;) Bouncing back more beautiful and more successful business-wise than ever though I reckon! Good Luck and keep up the amazing work kitten! Zoë xxx


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