November 14, 2012
This week's vintage shop updates is heavy on the dresses! I love vintage dresses so much and keep a healthy stock of them at the Adored Vintage headquarters. Here are a bunch of navy, black, and yellow vintage dresses ranging from the 1920s to the 1960s.

Vintage 1920s Dress

vintage 1920s flapper dress

Vintage 1940s Dresses

vintage 1940s blue dress with bows | vintage 1940s lace trimmed dress

vintage 1940s yellow dot floral dress

Vintage 1950s Dresses

vintage 1950s yellow party dress | vintage 1950s yellow floral sundress

Vintage 1960s Dresses

vintage 1960s wiggle dress

vintage 1960s floral wiggle dress | vintage 1960s lace cocktail dress


  1. Love the 40's blue dress with bows! Looks kinda like my floral one that I just did a blog post on. I would love that dress for dancing! ;-)

  2. These 1940s dresses are absolutely STUNNING AND PERFECT!!! How gorgeous! Great picks!

  3. Some of those vintage clothes are really gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

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