November 11, 2012
There must be a blue moon out because I'm doing an outfit post! Haha! Okay, cheesey jokes aside, I was really quite excited to finally find something in my closet to wear with this pleated skirt from Sugarlips. Of course when I looked back on my outfit photos I realized I wore the skirt sideways the entire day, but I still like how it looked, so it's kind of cool that you can wear this vintage inspired skirt two different ways!

{ Check out how it SHOULD have been worn here }
Did I do all right? LOL.

One of the biggest complaints I have about modern day skirts is that they very rarely fit me at the actual waist and I am quite happy to say that this skirt from Sugarlips fits so well! I really hate when skirts hit low on the waist, I like my waist bands to fit me right AT the waist (I have this theory that women that wear clothes at their actual waist bands have slimmer waists) so it was a nice surprise that this fit so well as most contemporary sized clothing when marked as an XS or a size 0 never actually are (I'm talking to you Anthropologie!!!)

And on the topic of skirts, I bought a skirt yesterday at a consignment shop in downtown LA by a French brand and it's marked a size 6 with a 24" waist. Augh, modern day sizing is so baffling to me. I do wish that clothes for women were sized like men's clothes. 30", 32", 34". It would make dressing so much easier!

Skirt from Sugarlips, check out more trendy skirts from this Los Angeles based fashion brand.


  1. This is so pretty! I love the triple polka dots! I totally agree with you on the Anthro waistline thing-- I can't wear most of their clothes for that reason. Their size 0 is most retailers' size 4. Frustrating! Then again, it means that I spend less money :)

    1. Oh my gosh it has been the number one deterrent for me from shopping there! I mean sometimes their prices are a bit silly, but a size 0 is so huge! I once measured a size 0 skirt, it had a 28.5" waist!!

  2. I like it better the way you have it on than the model. Sideways!

  3. Agreed, women's sizes SHOULD go by measurements like men's! We have so many more measurement variables with our shape; it would only make sense!

    Also, you're super adorable.

  4. this outfit is a beaute. i love all the patterns mixed together.

  5. Oh for sure--sizes were sized much smaller and in fact get larger each year...I luv it as I am almost a size 8 if this keeps going on!!I used to be a 12!

  6. I have the same problem shopping for clothes !! Vanity sizing has definitely got to go!!
    I really like your skirt sideways too!

  7. cute! i prefer the way you wore it than the way it's shown on the site.

  8. Really cute outfit! I also like the skirt worn sideways better!

  9. Super cute outfit! Love!

    Hattie, @peppermintplace xo

  10. Great website! I love the vintage look. There are some great clothing lines in Cypress, TX.

  11. Oh my goodness! You really are talented to be able to put that outfit together. It is cute!


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