November 13, 2012
Many years ago I visited the wonderful Schmetterlinghaus in Vienna, Austria. It's a beautiful greenhouse filled with lush plants and hundreds of rainbow colored butterflies right in the middle of the historical Burggarten. It was a bit like being in a fairy tale walking into this green wonderland with butterflies flying about and the sun filtering through the glass ceilings. I don't remember what I wore when I visited this greenhouse, but seeing as how I spent many hours walking before and after visiting, I'm sure it was casual and comfortable but probably not nearly as stylish as this outfit inspiration. Outfit Inspiration: Greenhouse Casual Have you ever been to a greenhouse? 1. Vanessa Bruno cardigan, 2. Elizabeth and James, 3. Modcloth, 4. Jigsaw Online, 5. Diane Von Furstenberg, 6. Amazon, 7. Rag & Bone


  1. I used to live in Cincinnati and the Krohn Conservatory there is so beautiful! They also have a butterfly show every year.

  2. Everything looks so pretty and dreamy! I love those boots. Edinburgh Royal Botanical gardens has a few large greenhouses I've visited, but I don't think they're quite as luxurious as those ones!

    louisejoyb x

  3. Those shorts are too cute! I bought a pair of mustard pinup shorts from the 50's recently and love them. I actually got around to putting some photos of me in one of my recent vintage purchases on my blog too!


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