January 17, 2013
It has been uncharacteristically cold in California and I've just moved into my new living quarters right by the beach which means when it is cold inland in Los Angeles, it is even colder along the shore.

I have spent the past week holed up in my new apartment unpacking a seemingly endless mountain of boxes wrapping myself up in plenty of cozy layers. Knit socks, vintage wool sweaters, and a scarf around my neck.

Hardly beach lifestyle apparel! The solace has been quite nice though. A short trek to a nearby cafe in the mornings all bundled up, a little bit of reading here and there since my internet wasn't fully functional until just this morning.

But, goodness, after a week of just moving in, I'm ready to get a move on! Looking forward to the warm sunshine (in the 70s the rest of the week...yes!) and being able to traipse about town in a sundress and cardigan!

1. Hat, Farfetch.com
2. Sweater, Levis.com
3. Gloves, Black.co.uk
4. Journals, Jaysonhome.com
5. Skirt, Dolce & Gabbana
6. Scarf, Nelly.com
7. Boots, H&M


  1. Gosh I've fallen in love with the D&G skirt! Beautiful.


  2. i feel the exact same way! as much as i love cozy clothes, i need a break from all this cold :(

    1. We love your ideas for vintage winter warmers :-)

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  4. Vintage clothing is not only sexy, it has caracter!

  5. Great site! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more.

  6. nice clothing my grand mother has these kind of cloths...

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