January 18, 2013
In case you didn't know by now, Adored Vintage is opening up a brick & mortar vintage shop in downtown Long Beach! Today I finally got to unpacking my old atelier and I have a lot more inventory than I previously thought! A few weeks ago I had looked for an office space in addition to the brick + mortar, but after a mental pros and cons list, I've decided to go another route.

Instead of an office space I'll be getting more industrial storage for all the backstock. Eventually I would like to expand to a larger retail space and don't want to be tied to a commercial office.

Anyhow, I have been scouring Pinterest for retail shop inspiration and visually it is finally forming in my brain! The space has it's challenges (it is only about 250 sq feet) and very large floor to ceiling windows. I haven't even started on anything in the shop other than unpacking a few boxes of vintage clothing, but already the excitement of "setting up shop" is tingling inside me!

So here are 10 Ideas I have for the Vintage Shop!

Industrial Garment Racks
Industrial Clothing Racks
Pretty pink peach dresses in a retail shop

I will be following this Industrial Clothing Rack DIY. I'm not quite sure if I'll paint the pipes gold/white... probably not gold. But white/grey...perhaps!

Chalkboard Wall + Greenery
Dark paint chalkboard wall

I've always loved chalkboard walls! In my previous apartment, I painted the kitchen with chalkboard paint and had such a blast throughout the year drawing doodles and having my friends leave me notes.

Black + White + Grey

The overall color scheme for the shop space is white, grey, cream, with hints of black highlighted by greenery. I want it to be a pretty neutral canvas so the vintage clothes can really stand on their own and be the highlight of the shop.

Getting excited!

All the photos above are from my Retail + Boutique Shop Inspiration board on Pinterest!


  1. Great designer Clothing you got there..

  2. these are such great ideas! i love the inspiration~
    I wish I was patient enough to make my own garment rack...the industrial details look cool.


  3. Wow, this is so nice retro inspiration! I really love the Chalkboard Wall, so nice. I have a retro store in the Netherlands, http://www.cheepa.nl/ so thanks for sharing these great retro shop ideas!


  4. I find the Chalkboard Wall + Greenery perfect! :D I absolutely will keep that idea for a future decoration here in home.



  5. I'll look out for you - you are moving to my area! Can't wait for more details!


    1. Thank you! The shop will be opening up in downtown Long Beach!

  6. Love the composition!

    With love Etrala x


  7. I am very crazy about fashionable clothing. I really like that types of blog. Interesting.

  8. such BEAUTIFUL ideas! and you are living out my dreams! i sell a teensy bit of vintage on etsy, but i would love to be as successful as you and be able to open a brick and mortar shop. good luck!


  9. I love ALL of these ideas. Very exciting.

    I found you on Bloglovin and I'm so glad I did! You have a great blog.

    Kate from Clear the Way

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    I like your post very much.Its very informative.Thanks for providing much more information about vintage shop.

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  12. love your interior inspirations - they make me feel so cool and calm and comfortable <3
    would you like to follow each other?


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