March 21, 2013
A week from now I'll be traversing the gorgeous Arizona desert on my way to a wedding amidst the stunning landscape of Northern Arizona. Flagstaff and Sedona are my favorite cities I've visited in Arizona and I'm ecstatic to be able to visit again (I haven't been since I was 15!) Here's a little back story on why this outfit post is inspired by horses...

When my family and I visited Flagstaff we were scheduled to do a tour through the desert on horseback, but at the last moment a thunderstorm rolled in and our horseback riding session got canceled. Hopefully I'll get a chance to do the tour this time around!

1. Hat |
2. Blouse |
3. Leather Bag |
4. Earrings |
5. Shorts | Rebecca Taylor
6. Boots |
7. Jacket | Zara


  1. great inspiration!
    love the horse detail!

  2. AH! Everything, literally everything, on this collection I want. So wonderfully boho. Thanks for putting it together.

    The Nautical Owl

  3. I love this outfit inspiration! I live in LA but all of my extended fam is in Sedona and Flagstaff which I'm convinced is one of the reasons I'm so obsessed with southwest style myself. Btw, my favorite look is the shirt from your collection. Will it be at A Current Affair today? I'll be on the hunt!

  4. I was wondering what the name of the font is that you used for your logo. I love it!

  5. cute!
    love your blog btw! would you be so kind as to check out mine?
    Its fashion Damnit
    thank you!
    love lottie xxxx

  6. Love these pieces, I think my wardrobe needs a horse print shirt...

  7. I cherish this outfit impulse! I exist in LA yet the greater part of my enlarged fam is in Sedona and Flagstaff which I'm influenced is one of the explanations I'm so fixated on southwest style myself. Btw, my most beloved look is the shirt from your gathering. Will it be at A Current Affair today? I'll be on the chase!


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