March 17, 2013
I honestly thought yesterday was St. Patrick's Day (posted St. Patrick's posts on facebook...whoops!), so this outfit was not chosen because today is St. Patrick's Day, but coincidentally, I was the greenest amongst friends today! I was at a worship/prayer workshop last night and was chatting with a friend and exclaimed "HA! you're not wearing green and it's St. Patrick's!" meaning to pinch him and he responded with "It's not until tomorrow!" So, joke was on me as I wore green yesterday as well!

I had planned to wear this outfit to a picnic party at the park, which got canceled at the last minute, oh well, I just looked quite festive! This vintage 1940s skirt is one of my favorites in my personal collection because it easily can be a modern day skirt. The giraffe print is amazing as is the small "bustle" detail in the back.

When I first noticed this CHLOE blouse I almost passed it up. I'm not really one to purchase expensive items for myself (let alone chartreuse!), but upon trying on the blouse, I immediately fell in love. I just LOVE the color, but have never ever worn it. This is the only yellow/green garment in my creams-peach-pink filled closet!

My favorite element of this blouse is guess... if you said the sleeves, by golly you've got it! I feel as if I should be writing poetry with a quill pen while wearing this blouse and I have to be honest that at one point today I was quite tempted to walk around with my hands on my waist as to show off my billowy sleeves. Haha!

So, there we have it...what I wore on St. Patrick's all green outfit without meaning to wear all green, but well, I just went with it.


  1. that blouse is fantastic! i'm really into the hair and makeup too.

  2. What, no close up of the print in question or that cute (from a distance) looking 1930s hat? That skirt is adorable.

  3. Amazing outfit!

  4. What an unexpected and delightful combination of vintage & modern. I agree with you - the sleeves on your Chloe blouse are amazing, and your skirt so wonderfully feminine.

  5. This is a FABULOUS outfit! I love it!

  6. truly amazingly beatiful.....

    take a peek at our blog..

    love h&e


  7. WOW! The outfit is amanzing, I love the shoes :)


    The Marvelous World of Narcissa

  8. You're such a doll! Adore your vintage pieces
    Xo Brandy
    ❤Child of Ethereal Light❤

  9. The blouse is beautiful - I can see why you fell in love with it. But that skirt! Beautiful all year round, but especially on St. Patrick's.

  10. so good
    that top looks like something i would live in

    ps: i was confused about what day St. Pattys was too.

  11. That is a gorgeous outfit! And Oh those SLEEVES!!!! Too fabulous. =]


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