February 4, 2010
I found this on YouTube and wanted to share. Gosh, I really hate the person interviewing her, it seems like he wants to put in her in a negative light and always interrupts her! BUT, please do watch because Audrey Hepburn is so enchanting and I love how she talks.

At 3:01, how she says "Times" and at 3:09 how she says "Now"...I love it!


  1. How delightful to see and hear Audrey again. The interviewer was named Jerry Dunphy (?), and was out of LA.
    How sweet she was and what a beautiful heart. If you have never seen it before ( and I can watch it again and again), try to find a copy of the "Worlds Great Gardens". I believe it was her last project, but she is as elegant as ever.

  2. She is always so gracious in any situation. That is what always struck me about Audrey she is the true embodiment of elegance, not just her style but her spirit. She is humble and gracious, and ever so rare. I wish more people were as genuine as she was, she is absolutely my favorite!

  3. this is fascinating to watch, interviewer aside...thanks so much for sharing it!

  4. Oh no! I can't see it on your blog... could you please give me the link to the video on YouTube? Thank you =]


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