February 4, 2010
Today my fashion inspiration is the beautiful 1930s silent films and actress Myrna Loy. With her exotic looks, Myrna was often typecast to play the vamp or portray Asian/Eurasian women during the early parts of her career. (Interesting!) Her acting career spanned nearly 4 decades! Myrna was married four times but never had any children (a pity, think how outrageously beautiful her offspring would be!). She is quoted to have said "Some perfect wife I am... I've been married four times, divorced four times, have no children, and can't boil an egg."

I would very much love this entire ensemble!

Image credits: 1.] Myrna Loy 2.] Myrna Loy, Franchot Tone, Rosalind Russell and Walter Pidgeon from the 1938 MGM movie Man Proof 3.] Myrna Loy & Robert Montgomery, 4.] Portrait of Myrna Loy, 5.] Portrait of Myrna Loy from The Squall

And, just for fun, a Myrna Loy tribute video from Basil Nelson who has very many wonderful tribute videos to screen gems of the past.

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