August 5, 2010
361_gundlach 356_gundlach 250_gundlach 280_gundlach 394_gundlach 291_gundlach 371_gundlach

The mid to late 60s set the stage for Hippie fashions. These fashion photos depict the styles between 1966-1971 captured by West German photographer, FC Gundlach. His most famous photo is probably that one of the girl in the geometric bathing suit with her hands behind her back (most associated with MOD).

Photography by F.C. Gundlach


  1. These are beautiful photos- great inspiration! love your blog- we follow it all the time here.

  2. I loveddd this post. I think the 70s is one of my favourite times together with the 20s! Thanks...XXX


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