October 22, 2010
Goodness gracious, I am loving all the gorgeous Autumn colors everywhere! Even in sunny California, we do get a few burnt honey, rich persimmon, and aged green colors. Mmm...lovely. I love Autumn so much, perfect for throwing on a vintage coat and little tights and pretty little shoes.

This weekend I am adding a few new pretties to the shop, I hope you adore them as much as I do! My favorite is probably the 'Clover Limerick' vintage 1940s dress that has NEVER BEEN WORN! It still has it's original tags! Oh me, oh my!

{ www.adorevintage.com }

I'll be listing these vintage clothes and vintage jewelry in the shop over the weekend... stay tuned!

{ www.adorevintage.com }

1 comment:

  1. that hooded coat is a beauty! along with the bonnet and necklace!
    what great additions! :D

    ♥ un peu de tout


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