January 4, 2013
Oh the wonders of the internet! Whilst perusing Pinterest I happened upon a vintage photograph of 3 women impeccably dressed dating from the 1930s. LUCKILY this pinned photo provided the source (thank you for that!) and I was able to see even more photos of these women! I think this year is going to be a 1930s meets 1970s year as far as style inspiration goes for me (mixed with Edwardian, because I can't ever say goodbye to long skirts and lacey things)

Here are a few others of a lovely dressed lady named Mary Jane Elston and her two friends named Esther and Peggy.

Found Vintage Photos: Vintage 1930s style, Mary Jane Elston circa 1930s
These vintage photos are from Elston: Family Archive Photos and were snapped by Walter Elston, Mary-Jane's husband and scanned/shared by their grandson Chuck. I also love this vintage photo of Walter (the cameraman of these photos) tinkering with a camera.

Aren't these photos just so great?! I come across so many old photographs at flea markets and always wonder about the stories and lives of the people in the photos! The way these photos are framed makes me think that the photographer would have made a great cinematographer, don't you think? I especially love the duo shot of Esther and Peggy, looks like a movie still.

Found Vintage Photos: Vintage 1930s style, Mary Jane Elston circa 1930s Found Vintage Photos: Vintage 1930s style, Mary Jane Elston circa 1930s

source:// Elston: Family Archive Photos. first saw here: retrorita: 30s


  1. Those are so beautiful I love the buttons on their dresses!

  2. They look absolutely darling - I love the hair!


  3. They look so romantic.
    The words it came to me, surprisingly are " Good all time". Doesn't make you think of that?



  4. they are a fabulous womans, I really interesting of a vintage around in the world ><


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