April 2, 2010
Don't you just love vintage advertisements? Not a sullen girl in sight! All pretty smiles, dreamy far off looks, and of course I love some of the cheesy copy.

Image credits: Baldrich, Calber Cosmetics (c) 1922, Auguste Bonaz Hair Combs (c) 1923, Pepsodent Advertisement (c) 1945, Winx Waterproof Mascara (c) 1920s, Lustre-Creme Shampoo (c) 1940s , Maybelline Cosmetics (c) 1930s, Camay Soap (c) 1947, Tangee Cosmetics (c) 1929, Drene Shampoo (c) 1937, Vintage Kotex Ad (c) 1940s


  1. I especially like the one for the laughing-eyed flapper with her mischievous eyes :)

  2. that is awesome! where do you find this stuff?! I loved the "are you in the know" or "I thought I was doomed.." just because of the dramatic flavor to it :)

  3. I am a second year journalism student writing a feature article about vintage clothing.

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    If you could email your thoughts for any of the above questions I would be extremely grateful.

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  4. I recently discovered your blog and I think it's fabulous. I love these adverts you've found - they have such wonderful charm. Rachel x

  5. These are truly great and funny!!

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