January 20, 2009
This girl has fabulous vintage style. Cheerful, refreshing, classic with pops of color. And she's gorgeous to boot!

Inauguration Day by Keiko Lynn

vintage beret - from my mom's store
scarf and coat - h&m
80s dress - thrifted and altered (shortened, taken in, took up the waistline a few inches)
fuchsia tights (they look red here, but they're very pink in real life): Hue - I've had these since high school
belt - from my mom's store
vintage purse - gift from my mom
boots - beacon's closet
obama pin - yayyyyy


  1. Oh, I love the belt and tights with that skirt!
    Must remember to add pops of color vs. black & gray all the time.

  2. I love her style as a whole, especially with the loud pink tights.


  3. She is so fashionable wanna try big suits for men for your husband?


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