May 28, 2009
Added a couple new tops in the shop...

BTW I had a bunch of fun shooting these on the line! I don't remember where I got the idea from, it's not ground breaking or anything, but I really adore how it looks.

BTW, what do you gals think of the new layout of AV? I wanted to be able to show more photos and personality to the clothes so I decided to have the large collage images below the product information.

I'm personally liking the new changes and I have a lot of fun putting the images together, it's like scrapbooking! ^_^

Stay tuned, I am working really hard on getting some new indie designers in the boutique! If you haven't noticed Adorevintage is branching out into vintage inspired clothing as well... but don't worry, vintage goodies will still be added too!

*crossing fingers* Diving head first into new waters is kind of scary, but really exciting too!
May 11, 2009
Okay a few quick updates...

+ Added a Rachel Zoe gallery to You gotta love her glamorous boho look (I do anyway!).

+ Here is the link to our mini shoot for our vintage inspired "Summer Cloud Tunic" Click Here More mini shoots coming soon!

+ Planning for more photo shoots for the end of May with a couple new models.

+ New vintage skirts have been added to the shop!

+ New clutches & bags have been added to the shop!

--- *phew*

The day isn't over yet. I am still in the process of photographing more dresses, vintage boots (OMG even a pair exactly like Kate Moss'!!!) and then I'm going to start on a new celebrity icon style gallery. (Dita Von Teese... LOVE HER!)
May 7, 2009
Since I LOVE LOVE Zooey's cute and vintage style, naturally I had to feature a gallery for her cute outfits!

Check out the new Zooey Deschanel Style Gallery! (So many cute vintage dresses!)

Just click on her name under "Celeb Style"

And if you haven't voted yet for the next celebrity to get a feature gallery... please do so! (Poll on the right!)
May 4, 2009
I absolutely love this video for Katy Perry's song "Thinking of You". She looks so beautiful! Her make-up and hair flawless... and the clothes! The beautiful, beautiful 1940s inspired clothing!

My favorite would have to be the playsuit she wears on the bicycle as well as her bathing suit and the final look at the end of the film. Lovely video!
Hi everyone! This weekend was really crazy hectic, actually the past couple weeks have been, sorry for the slow updates (in the blog and the shop) But luckily, this week should be a little less hectic (cross fingers) so I'll have time to add lots of cute new vintage in the shop!

Here's a few new vintage pieces for you...

SHOP LINK: Check out the cute new vintage tops in the Shop!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo... be sure to FOLLOW US ON TWITTER to get the code word for a special Cinco de Mayo discount!!!
May 3, 2009
Some more vintage inspirations for you...

Miss Mary Virginia Yellott and Miss Mary Carolyn Henry walking their ducks in Washington, D.C. Taken between 1925-32

June Vogue cover. Wow this outfit is so fabulous, no? The blue and green plaid 50s dress, the straw brim hat, and those deep red lips with matching nails... what glamour! Can't you see Dita Von Teese wearing this entire ensemble?

Oh goodness, I love this whole outfit! I'm such a sucker for librarian inspired looks. This woman (photograph is from the 1930s) really knew how to pair clothing together, didn't she? The high waisted skirt, the cardigan (or is it cape?) This is a lovely article of clothing... the collar looks beautiful!

Ooo cheeky and cute! Look at her little summer outfit! And again another wonderful straw hat. Photo from the 1940s.