January 31, 2013
I've officially been in the city of Long Beach for three weeks! Ok, ALMOST 3 weeks, so this outfit is definitely inspired by my new cirty. There are several farmer's markets here in Long Beach (there are three every week!) and happily enough Long Beach is a very bike friendly city! There are bike lanes everywhere and you often see bikers zipping around town. Which is good news for me as I dislike driving (unless it's scenic drives along the Pacific Coast Highway) and prefer to get around town on foot or via a bicycle.

The other thing I learned about Long Beach is that it has a "Bag Ban" meaning you can't get plastic bags anywhere! So I've made sure to have my trust grocery tote or basket whenever I go to the market. Loving the bag ban law by the way...way to be eco friendly LBC!

The Shop List
1. Hat, The Outnet
2. Top, Monki.com
3. Pants, Forever New
4. Boots, Isabel Marant
5. Bike, Aha Life
6. Basket, Williams & Sonoma
7. Scarf, Gucci

Fresh flowers, a loaf of bread (usually rosemary or olive), and various fruits and veggies are my farmer's market staples. What's in your farmer's market bag?
January 29, 2013
Here are some rare fashion sketches from the house of CHANEL through the 1950s and 1960s. Coco Chanel was most famous for her suit sets and it is amazing to me to be able to see these before they were ever cut and sewn from cloth. A fashion sketch is at first a dream then later materialized (and most are not). Which Chanel suit from the 1950s and 1960s is your favorite?

Vintage CHANEL fashion sketches from the 1950s and 1960s
Vintage CHANEL fashion sketches from the 1950s and 1960s Vintage CHANEL fashion sketches from the 1950s and 1960s
Vintage CHANEL fashion sketches from the 1950s and 1960s
Vintage CHANEL fashion sketches from the 1950s and 1960s Vintage CHANEL fashion sketches from the 1950s and 1960s
Vintage CHANEL fashion sketches from the 1950s and 1960s
Vintage CHANEL fashion sketches from the 1950s and 1960s

These CHANEL vintage fashion sketches are from the Bergdorf Goodman archives via Ana Lee Russian blog. Check out the link for more sketches!
January 27, 2013
A few weeks ago I purchased a vintage black wool hat with worn in leather trim and have religiously been wearing it on a daily basis. I think I'm going through a Wild West phase.

I also found out recently that my beau has never been to the Grand Canyon besides spending a few years in Arizona as a kid and visiting Arizona a few times a year. So, needless to say, a trip to the Grand Canyon is a MUST for us soon. And a picnic! Most people invision having picnics at the park, somewhere green and woodsy...but I've never really heard anyone say they want to picnic in the desert or in the canyon.

1. Hat, ForwardForward.com
2. Dress, Marc Jacobs
3. Earrings, SSense.com
4. Picnic Set, Lampsplus.com
5. Boots, Bonadrag.com
6. Blanket, Pendleton

What do you think? Would you ever want to picnic in the desert?
January 25, 2013
Slowly but surely I am settling into my new digs (both work + home). Check out this week's new vintage in the shop! I am quite pleased with the speediness of work now that my workspace is literally a hop, skip, and jump away! So many lovely vintage summer pieces... most of the US is in a bit of a freeze right now (we've definitely had some freaky cold weather in southern California!)...but these summer whites and blues and hints of the desert are sure to bring a bit of warm sunkissed feelings your way. Or you could just hug your computer screen. Ahhh...

Adoredvintage Vintage Clothing Shop Update

vintage 1930s sheer gauze ruffle blouse
vintage 1930s blue striped deco heels
vintage 1950s checkered eyelet full swing skirt
vintage 1950s embroidered white blue floral summer dress

Adoredvintage Vintage Clothing Shop Update

vintage 1970s eyelet lace camisole top
vintage 1960s teal wool coat with decorated collar
vintage 1970s wool navajo print skirt
vintage 1960s brown bow slingbacks

Adoredvintage Vintage Clothing Shop Update

vintage 1950s atomic print Jonathan Logan dress
vintage 1970s folk design snowflake cardigan sweater
vintage 1980s navajo print jacket
vintage 1970s triangle print sundress

Adoredvintage Vintage Clothing Shop Update

vintage 1950s reconstructed ribbon party dress
vintage 1940s cotton white eyelet sundress
vintage 1950s grey cotton embroidered suit set
vintage 1970s blue floral maxi skirt

Adoredvintage Vintage Clothing Shop Update

vintage 1980s tan drawstring pocket top
vintage 1950s blue cotton sundress
vintage 1940s crochet clutch with lucite detail
vintage 1980s tapestry shoulder bag

Adoredvintage Vintage Clothing Shop Update

vintage 1950s reptile envelope purse
vintage 1940s tan studded peeptoe heels

Which is your favorite?
January 18, 2013
In case you didn't know by now, Adored Vintage is opening up a brick & mortar vintage shop in downtown Long Beach! Today I finally got to unpacking my old atelier and I have a lot more inventory than I previously thought! A few weeks ago I had looked for an office space in addition to the brick + mortar, but after a mental pros and cons list, I've decided to go another route.

Instead of an office space I'll be getting more industrial storage for all the backstock. Eventually I would like to expand to a larger retail space and don't want to be tied to a commercial office.

Anyhow, I have been scouring Pinterest for retail shop inspiration and visually it is finally forming in my brain! The space has it's challenges (it is only about 250 sq feet) and very large floor to ceiling windows. I haven't even started on anything in the shop other than unpacking a few boxes of vintage clothing, but already the excitement of "setting up shop" is tingling inside me!

So here are 10 Ideas I have for the Vintage Shop!

Industrial Garment Racks
Industrial Clothing Racks
Pretty pink peach dresses in a retail shop

I will be following this Industrial Clothing Rack DIY. I'm not quite sure if I'll paint the pipes gold/white... probably not gold. But white/grey...perhaps!

Chalkboard Wall + Greenery
Dark paint chalkboard wall

I've always loved chalkboard walls! In my previous apartment, I painted the kitchen with chalkboard paint and had such a blast throughout the year drawing doodles and having my friends leave me notes.

Black + White + Grey

The overall color scheme for the shop space is white, grey, cream, with hints of black highlighted by greenery. I want it to be a pretty neutral canvas so the vintage clothes can really stand on their own and be the highlight of the shop.

Getting excited!

All the photos above are from my Retail + Boutique Shop Inspiration board on Pinterest!
January 17, 2013
It has been uncharacteristically cold in California and I've just moved into my new living quarters right by the beach which means when it is cold inland in Los Angeles, it is even colder along the shore.

I have spent the past week holed up in my new apartment unpacking a seemingly endless mountain of boxes wrapping myself up in plenty of cozy layers. Knit socks, vintage wool sweaters, and a scarf around my neck.

Hardly beach lifestyle apparel! The solace has been quite nice though. A short trek to a nearby cafe in the mornings all bundled up, a little bit of reading here and there since my internet wasn't fully functional until just this morning.

But, goodness, after a week of just moving in, I'm ready to get a move on! Looking forward to the warm sunshine (in the 70s the rest of the week...yes!) and being able to traipse about town in a sundress and cardigan!

1. Hat, Farfetch.com
2. Sweater, Levis.com
3. Gloves, Black.co.uk
4. Journals, Jaysonhome.com
5. Skirt, Dolce & Gabbana
6. Scarf, Nelly.com
7. Boots, H&M
January 9, 2013
Let me just preface that many of my posts this month well be interior design and retail design-centric. I sit here typing this in my kitchen (I'm not sure if you knew my "office" in my apartment is literally next to my refridgerator...but now you know!) and feeling quite sad about the move.

So to console myself I've been admiring photos of other people's lofts and daydreaming of how my own loft apartment will look.

I can't stand sterile looking lofts though. You know the type. Very minimalistic, very cold, hardly anything in it at all! I don't get the appeal. I also don't understand where all their crap must be hiding! Have they got a separate loft to house all their things? To me a home is cozy and lived in with lots of plants around (even if they're all half dead which is the case of my apartment), knit throws, pretty found little objects, and a faint scent of jasmine and vanilla in the air. I sound like I'm describing a grandmother's home, but I like all these cozy things to be in one of those stark white boxes. Aka "The Loft".

So my new loft doesn't have an amazing industrial kitchen (much to my sadness) and has *GASP* brown cupboards. *make puking sounds* I really hate these cupboards. BUT on a happier note my new place has a dishwasher!!! HOLY SCHNIKIES! The convenience if it all!

All images are from ADORED: Home Inspirations board on Pinterest! Some of them don't link to the original source unfortunately :(
January 7, 2013
The day is fast approaching! It's so soon! I am still in slight disbelief this is happening. I'm still thinking "What!? Am I doing this? Is this for real?"

But tis is!

By this weekend I will be moving into the new Adored Vintage retail + work studio. I feel that until all my things are actually in the space, I won't feel like it's real. There are so many things to do, I have so many ideas, so many plans! Part of me wishes I had some sort of device that would allow me to look at my future so I could see what the shop will eventually turn into.

Well, that's the other thing, I'm not sure what I want the space to be yet exactly. I really don't have plans to do a full time brick & mortar, not in the near future anyway. Although the space is a full front retail, I'll actually be curtaining off all the windows as about 50% of the time the space will be used as a photo studio and another 30% of the time I'll be sitting around the computer working in the space. And well, with this many windows and right on the street, I'd feel rather like a goldfish in a bowl (and the idea of that just makes me a bit ill).

This afternoon I had a bit of an anxiety attack because I don't know nor do I have definite plans for the space. Other than of course it is where I will work. What will it look like? How will everything fit there? All the "What?? When?? Where?? " questions swirling around my head were driving me crazy. And I'll be honest, I'm still anxious about not knowing. I plan so many things. I write lists. I have a backup plan for my backup plan. I'm THAT girl.

But diving into this new adventure is one of the scariest things I've ever done! I've never done it before and unlike most things in my life, I didn't spend months of research and writing pros and cons list and making Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C for it.

I just did it! (And I'm scared shitless, but like in a good way!)

So, lovelies, won't you dive into this adventure with me?
January 5, 2013
Valentino has won my heart again with a collection so undoubtedly inspired by the 1930s. The puffed sleeves, the breezy blouses, the bias cut skirts and dresses... There's a small nod to the late 1940s and early 1950s with the collars and fuller skirts, but it's these designs that really incorporate the 1930s that just tug at my heart strings.

I love when designers are inspired by silhouettes and details from different eras and the Valentino Spring 2013 collection is so perfectly spot on with the 30s details! Just in love with everything about it! Beautiful feminine clothing paired with simple hairstyles and minimal accessories. J'adore!

I also have to add that I LOVE this color palette! I really used to not like navy blue all that much, but after seeing it here paired with peach and nude...I have a new found love and appreciation for navy blue! So perhaps when I do my next vintage shop update with navy blues, I won't be so sour faced about it. *haha*

image source: Style.com