March 21, 2009

I love this advertisement. The woman is going through her husband's tackle box and seeing which feathers would best adorn her new hat. Ahh, the things we girls do for the sake of fashion! (Illustrated by Frederic Varady)

Vintage 1950's Bali Bra advertisement. Love this advertisement, look how pointed her feet are!

Vintage 1950's fashion. Oh goodness, her waist is so SMALL!!! What do you reckon it measures? 16", 15"?
March 14, 2009

Lunch @ Marina Green by Hollywood Place

Aren't these ladies just so sweet? I love the vintage clothing. A cotton candy pink 60s sheath dress and a sunny yellow bikini top with matching yellow bathing suit cover up. So cute!

They're sunbathing in San Francisco. Oh goodness, women do not sunbathe like this anymore. And we should!

Photo Source: Girl Friday

Oh! Oo! Love this! Looove this!

[From WIKI] Tropicália: also known as Tropicalismo, is a Brazilian art movement that arose in the late 1960s and encompassed theatre, poetry, and music, among other forms.

Tropicália is associated almost exclusively with the movement's musical expression, both in Brazil and internationally; a form of Brazilian music that arose in the late 1960s from a mélange of bossa nova, rock and roll, Bahian folk music, African music, and Portuguese fado.