October 29, 2010
I do realize the title of this post is a bit of a pun and it wasn't intentional, but I had a bit of a giggle about it so decided to keep the title name.

Anyhow... I was perusing for some hair ideas for this year's Halloween costume (I'm going as Betty Boop!) and happened upon all of these silent screen star actresses I had never heard of but were all so lovely I just had to share.

silentfilmstars-1 silentfilmstars-2 silentfilmstars

Perhaps November will be Silent Movie month and I'll finally get around to watching movies before the talkies.
October 24, 2010
A couple of weeks ago I styled a vintage inspired photoshoot with my lovely friend, Sade. We traveled along the California coast being inspired by the landscape. You might remember the backstage photos from this post: Behind the Scenes, AV Fashion Editorial.

I am so excited to share the full editorial with you on AV soon! But for now, here is a little sampling of vintage inspired loveliness.

Shoot with Sade Williams Daughters of Wind + Sea Daughters of Wind + Sea Daughters of Wind + Sea Shoot with Sade Williams

This shoot was so fun! I even got to try my hand at hair styling! I wanted to do really soft romantic hairstyles, yay, so very happy with the photos!!! I hope you love them as much as I do!
October 22, 2010
I am inspired by the pretty dark things at the moment. A bit mysterious, a little ghoulish, but still lovely. Just enough to give chills but still inspire. I hope you enjoy the poem below by Rose Terry Cooke.

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Night Comes Creeping
Night comes creeping slowly o'er me,
Like a vapor cold and gray;
Dim the track that lies before me,
Lost the lingering smile of day.

As a river, nearing ocean,
Drops the brooklet's merry bell,
I forget hope's wild emotion;
Love and life, farewell, farewell!

Eyes above me raining sorrow,
Lips too tender to be true,
In the sunshine of tomorrow
Glow and sweetness shall renew.

I have trod a weary measure,
Fairy-tales no more I tell.
False is pain, and fleeting pleasure;
Love and life, farewell, farewell!

Softly through the darkened heaven,
Like a vision in the night,
Float the purple wings of even;
No more laughter, no more light.

Close mine eyes, worn out with weeping,
Weary pulses rest as well!
In the dust and silence sleeping,
Love and life, farewell, farewell!
Goodness gracious, I am loving all the gorgeous Autumn colors everywhere! Even in sunny California, we do get a few burnt honey, rich persimmon, and aged green colors. Mmm...lovely. I love Autumn so much, perfect for throwing on a vintage coat and little tights and pretty little shoes.

This weekend I am adding a few new pretties to the shop, I hope you adore them as much as I do! My favorite is probably the 'Clover Limerick' vintage 1940s dress that has NEVER BEEN WORN! It still has it's original tags! Oh me, oh my!

{ www.adorevintage.com }

I'll be listing these vintage clothes and vintage jewelry in the shop over the weekend... stay tuned!

{ www.adorevintage.com }
October 20, 2010

"A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment." - Jane Austen

Any other Jane Austen novel fans out there? Or book fans in general? Something about the chilly Fall evenings makes me want to curl up in a duvet with a bit of tea on the nightstand and get wrapped up in a classic novel.

On my nightstand at the moment... "Tess of the D'ubervilles" which I have not started and really shouldn't since I haven't finished "Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire" or "1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus" by Charles C Mann.

What's on your reading list for Fall?