February 27, 2009

If you were ever curious about what the AV Closet looks like, here's a sneak peek. The other side has more racks and a couple dressers. On any given day of the week, the office is bursting with vintage!

Funny story about the "wardrobe". Originally I had only purchased two thinking two was plenty enough... well once they were assembled and clothes were hung I realized I probably need THREE more to hang up all the stock we receive.

It's a little cramped in here... but I'm happy with it. Who wouldn't be happy being surrounded by pretty things all day?

And the main "hub" (hehe): the desk. And no, it's not always this spotless. Usually the desk is covered with customs labels, measuring tape, a cup of coffee and a cup of tea, notepads, safety pins, business cards, post-it notes of "reminders"...

So there it is! The AV closet, or atleast a little peek inside of it. This is where the lovely vintage in the shop sits and waits patiently to (hopefully) someday be a part of your closet.
February 25, 2009
We are so giddy excited about the new dresses at Adorevintage! We are introducing new clothing lines that have the look and feel of vintage clothing but still modern and up to date with today's ever changing trends. Check them out now! (And look for new additions coming soon!)

Click here to shop new dresses on Adorevintage.com!

P.S. - Charlotte Fringe Bag is all sold out, but don't worry, we will be restocking soon!
February 14, 2009
A peek into the closet of the amazing Dita Von Teese

I applaud Dita Von Teese and greatly admire her. She is so committed and faithful to her style. Every new photo released of her, whether its a pictorial or a candid photo, she looks impeccable. Every strand of hair in place, red lips painted on with precise perfection, porcelain skin smooth and flawless.

Oh, to ever be as elegant and lovely as Dita Von Teese...

Who says you can't look amazing running errands?
February 12, 2009

And if you check the site now, you'll see there's even more new stuff coming! Like new Reconstructed Dresses and adorable Vintage Skirts.

We've also added a BEFORE picture in our new Reconstructed Dresses listing so you can see what changes have been made as well as read a description. Although we do hope you're not thinking "Oh, man, they should have just left it alone, it looked cuter before!" because that would us sad. *hehe*
February 8, 2009
Covered in Wisteria
Covered in Wisteria - by Adore_Vintage on Polyvore.com
Covered in Wisteria Dress Vintage 1970's Sun Dress

You can check out the product details of this super cute 1970s vintage dress. As promised, TONS of new vintage clothing added to the shop this week! And the best part is that we can now show COMING SOON products so you can check out pictures and information of products before it is available for sale!
February 6, 2009
Click here to go to Adorevintage.com!

After nearly a YEAR of the old splash page, we've finally decided to change up the front, and just so perfect for Valentine's Day, right? (Don't worry, we'll change it more often than EVERY YEAR from now on.)

So, next on the list is updating the LOOKBOOK. Oh goodness... yeah it's been honestly over a year since that has been touched. It probably has internet cobwebs, haha.

OK... and for NEXT week's updates be on the lookout for new SPRING dresses (for you gals in warmer weather) and cute WINTER dresses (for you girls in cooler temps). Will also be adding super cute new jewelry from La Vie Inspiree (oh my gosh, her new charm necklaces are CUUUTE!!! You won't want to miss it!)