November 28, 2013
Why don't women get their portraits painted anymore? Gosh, they're so damn romantic! I imagine it's because no one really paints like this anymore and no one has the TIME or PATIENCE to sit for a portrait. I just love the idea of it. I wonder how I'd look painted. I wonder what I'd wear. Can you imagine what sort of process it must have been to get dressed for a portrait?

How does one even begin to think about that? Do you wear your favorite dress or the colors best suited for you? Or perhaps that is the same thing, perhaps your favorite dress is in your favorite color. 

Past the wardrobes in these gorgeous paintings of women, I am always so transfixed by their expressions and the lighting on their faces and their surroundings. Which of these portraits is your favorite and why? I mean think about that, why does THAT woman have your attention versus another?

This one I adore because it's so NEW compared to all the others above. This is a portrait from 1944! Herbert James Gunn: Pauline in the Yellow Dress, c.1944

November 27, 2013
We hope everyone is having a fabulous Thanksgiving week! We are working hard to stock the shop with tons of pretty little things just in time for our Black Friday specials, and there sure are some gems in this update! How dreamy is the Creme Fraiche Camisole? A perfect piece for winter layering. Take a look at all the new pieces here and make sure to head over to the shop while you are recovering from your big yummy meal to take advantage of the big sale! 

antique 1800s white cotton blouse | For The Dreamers Blouse 

vintage 1900s black sheer soutache skirt | La Napoule Skirt 

vintage 1900s Edwardian orange tiered skirt | Florenza Tiers Skirt

antique 1910s Edwardian sheer lace dot top | Essence of Youth Blouse 

vintage 1930s black tilt hat with feathers | Shape Shift Hat

vintage 1950s beaded cardigan with red flowers | Fine Rocaille Cardigan

vintage 1950s cream grey silk blouse | Villa Trianon Blouse

vintage 1950s gauzy cotton pearl top | Small Chatter Blouse

vintage 1950s golden ethnic print circle skirt | Sunset in Meknes Skirt 

vintage 1950s light orange wool skirt | The Sun Also Rises Skirt 

vintage 1950s sweater with fur collar | Gales of Kilkenny Cardigan 

vintage 1970s fedora with pink feather | Sabi Game Reserve

vintage 1980s cream silk pleat camisole | Creme Fraiche Camisole 

vintage 1920s dark purple velvet hat | Skies Over Downton Hat 

I've only ever experienced BLACK FRIDAY once and I have to be honest, it was totally horrific, and amazing. I didn't even sleep a wink and you know how difficult that is after you've eaten your weight in turkey, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes? I just wanted to KNOCK OUT in bed, but instead, I stayed up and went to several shops for the the DOOR BUSTER savings! But my God, it was awful! And completely fascinating! I had never seen so many people be so unpolite and so manic over STUFF. People were getting vicious! It was like that scene in Mean Girls when everyone turns into wild animals at the school.

LUCKILY, you won't have to go push madly through the crowds to save at Adored Vintage for the Black Friday sale! The sale starts on NOV 29th (Black Friday!) but probably will start a little earlier, perhaps right after Thanksgiving dinner! All little black vintage dresses, black hats, black purses, everything dark, moody, and black will be 40% OFF for 24 hours! Although, I'm considering extending it to the weekend. What do you think loves?

November 26, 2013
Recently we have acquired some gorgeous vintage dresses and have been working feverishly to bring them to you as quickly as possible. The holiday season is coming up quickly (where has the year gone?!) and whether you are shopping for a loved one or yourself vintage is always a thoughtful gift. Take a look at the update below and shop the collection here!

vintage 1930s black gown with lace bows | Poeme of Beaus Gown 

vintage 1940s black ruffled party dress | Web of Stars Dress

vintage 1940s green floral apron dress | Apron Blossoms Dress

vintage 1940s silver studded magenta dress | Chemainus Berry Dress

vintage 1950s black party dress with lace | Chancery Rows Dress

vintage 1950s pink lace tulle ball gown | Prima Pavlona Gown 

vintage 1950s polka dot peplum dress | En Vogue Peplum Dress

vintage 1960s black lace tiered cocktail dress | Laced Nightfall Dress

vintage 1980s black drape gown | Riveting Tales Gown 

November 25, 2013
It's another installment of beautiful 1920s frocks from the Australian tv series, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. If you missed the clothes from episode 1, season 1, you can view them here. This episode has several flapper outfits I really quite fancy and I also adore Dot's wardrobe as the colors are more up my alley.

OH...and if you're interested in reading more about the 1920s costumes in this tv show, here is a lovely interview with Marion Boyce, the costume designer for the show: Designing Miss Fisher's Wardrobe

All screen caps from Grande Caps-Period Drama.

This ensemble is my favorite, thus far, from the series. I WILL find a grey wool coat just like this someday! I normally don't wear a lot of red, but the grey and red just look so damn swell together!

November 17, 2013
I was archiving and organizing some of the vintage stock in the shop this morning and noticed a lovely theme of yellow and brown vintage clothing from the latest vintage shop arrivals. I wanted to share a few of my favorites as I find these shades to be perfect for this time of year. Perhaps a brown or yellow vintage dress for the upcoming Thanksgiving festivities?


VINTAGE 1960S YELLOW COWL SWEATER // Smoked Hubbard Sweater

VINTAGE 1950S BLACK BOUCLE COAT WITH FUR TRIM // Arriving at Berleburg Coat



VINTAGE 1950S CENTURY PRINT SWING COAT // Sonnet of Seasons Coat

VINTAGE 1940S BROWN SILK PLAID SHIRT DRESS // Brownstone District Dress