May 29, 2010

Once upon a time...
in a land far away,
where the clouds never lift,
and the sun is never seen...

There lived a beautiful young princess.

Who escaped into the thick forest
to find adventure and love

Image Credits:
1.} Castle in the Mist 2.} And there the beauty laid 3.} Running, running 4.} The Woodlands Procession 5.} There he is... 6.} The sea maiden upon the castle steps 7.} Journey 8.} Taming of the beast 9.} The recollections of a wandering princess 10.} It was all just a rose petal dream
May 18, 2010

Cream coloured coffee
And hot buttered toast
August sunshine
A packet of cigarettes
Talks on love and life
Friends and strangers all together

Days of summer
Seated on outside chairs
Tears and laughter
Mixed in the air
Of the perfect day just us and them

Cafe pavements
The world at view
Paris, Rome and cafe Prague
Used coffee cups
And ashtrays too
Paris, Rome and cafe Prague
- Cafe Prague by Patrick Sant

Image Credits: All images were found via Polyvore/Tumblr. Most of the links lead to the tumblr dashboard, so I couldn't give proper credit. Next time my sweets ♥