November 24, 2010
Nothing goes better with a fabulous meal than a fabulous dress (so long as you can enjoy the meal that is and can breathe in the dress...)

So, a few of my favorite vintage dresses in the shop alongside a delicious dish to prepare for the Thanksgiving festivities. (recipe links below!)

Tangerine Mimosa Dress | Pumpkin Custard Pie

Tuileries Dress | Roasted Potatoes Medley

Novelle Peach Dress | Pão de Queijo

Lace Doily Dress |
Pumpkin Tart With Mascarpone Cream

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
November 21, 2010
Vintage 1970s Cape Pattern

If I had a magic sewing wand that with a simple flick of the hand, the garment I wish to sew would appear, this knit cape would be one of them. All right, I know knitting is not sewing, but you get the idea ^_^. I love that this cape borders between fantasy and chic classic.

Image credit: Vintage 1970s Cape Pattern from McCalls from Retro With Lana
November 20, 2010

Rita Hayworth wasn't always the auburn haired sex symbol most famously remembered as being the vampy "Gilda", she was born Margarita Carmen Cansino in Brooklyn to a flamenco dancer father and a Ziegfield girl dancer for a mother.

Margarita was put through an extensive makeover (her hairline was raised via a series of very painful electrolysis treatments...this was in the 40s folks!), asked to lose 30 lbs, and dye her naturally dark hair to auburn (she was also blonde and red haired at some points) and change her name so she sounded and looked less Latina.

And voila! A star is born!
November 17, 2010
totokaelo-1 totokaelo

So obsessed with this new shop I've discovered! The styling and color palette at TOTOKAELO is perfect winter wardrobe inspiration! What I love most is that most of their pieces are such classic pieces every woman should have in their wardrobe! *taking note*

The prices are definitely higher for basic clothing (dresses in the $200+ price range), some cardgans boast a price tag of $650 (yikes!). But you can grab similar pieces at Zara, H&M, and even vintage or second hand shops (such as Adorevintage!)
November 16, 2010
A few weeks ago I was asked to style a vintage fashion editorial with the wonderful Caitlin Bellah and Paisley McCollom from FORD. We shot close to a family pumpkin patch and farmer's market which resulted in some troubles for us as we were "guerrilla style" shooting (when you don't get permit) and got kicked out. (Oops!) But luckily we were able to get most of our shots in!

caitlinbellahshoot-1 caitlinbellahshoot-2 caitlinbellahshoot-4

I had such fun at the shoot! Paisley is currently one of the Forever21 models and told me a bit about what it was like working for them, she also shared how surreal it was to see giant posters of her face at Target when she had a campaign with them. I'm always a bit fascinated by stories like these, but mostly fascinated that when you meet these models in person, they're so normal and approachable, not at all like their glossy alter egos.

caitlinbellahshoot caitlinbellahshoot-3

If you're wondering why the vintage clothes look familiar... it's because most of the wardrobe is from my Adorevintage!

Viewing the images of these fruit tarts makes me crave one like crazy right now. Perhaps I'll pop over to La Brea Bakery and grab a cherry tart (they have apple ones too and both are UH-MAZE-ING!)

I'm also obsessing over satchels (I have a few coming up soon in the shop, so stay tuned for those updates!), velvet or velour pumps (thank goodness it's not rainy in Los Angeles), and faux furs (which I lovingly refer to "furry furries" which amuses my stepdaughter).

What are you obsessing over?
November 15, 2010
I spent the morning thrifting for more coats for the shop. It's so difficult to stock the shop up with outerwear because in California it hardly gets colder than 60 degrees. So whenever I see a thick furry coat I'm like "Oh goodness, it's so hot, I can't get that!" So, today I thrifted around and found a large furry red coat that reminds me of something Rachel Zoe might wear (it's faux fur!) and a couple of other vintage outerwear from the 60s and 70s. Again, a bit warm for Cali weather, but perfect for you gals living in Wintry climates!

I also found a couple little vintage dresses & a couple vintage satchel bags (debating on keeping one of them). Here's a sneak peek at the vintage coats!

{ Vintage Coats & Outerwear Preview }
vintagecoat vintagefauxfurcoat vintageleathercapevintagefauxfurcoat1
whatiwore-nov15 whatiwore-nov15-1

Trying to get better about documenting how I wear my vintage finds, but I always feel a little geeky in front of the camera (I suppose it's because I've always been a bit of a geek since always)... so I'd rather skip the camera time and just blog about what other people are wearing *hehe*

Anyhow, I picked up these pants from ZARA yesterday and just loved them! I love that they taper at the end but have some volume on top. I tried on a few other pants, but I've found with my body type, I cannot pull of skinny jeans or those jeggings I've been seeing everywhere. So apparently if you remotely have any curves at all, jeggings will not look good on you. Or at least they didn't look good on me, and I've tried numerous brands. Ahh it just isn't meant to be! I'll stick to vintage cut slacks (looser on the legs).
November 14, 2010
Lindsey Wixon for An0ther Magazine Lindsey Wixon for An0ther Magazine

So in love with the 1970s vibe of this vintage inspired fashion editorial photographed by Venetia Scott for An0ther Magazine. The hair is very reminscent of Charlie's Angels, don't you think? Even the setting has that mid 70s vibe. The clothes are so easy and casual and definitely ensembles you can recreate through vintage clothing!

Lindsey Wixon for An0ther Magazine Lindsey Wixon for An0ther Magazine Lindsey Wixon for An0ther Magazine Lindsey Wixon for An0ther Magazine Lindsey Wixon for An0ther Magazine Lindsey Wixon for An0ther Magazine Lindsey Wixon for An0ther Magazine Lindsey Wixon for An0ther Magazine Lindsey Wixon for An0ther Magazine Lindsey Wixon for An0ther Magazine

AnOther Magazine F/W 2010
Photographer: Venetia Scott
Stylist: Marie-Amelie Sauve
Hair: Sebastien Richard
Makeup: Hannah Murray
Model: Lindsey Wixson

Image credits: Awake Smile