April 24, 2009
This vintage picture (circa 1938) really makes me smile.

Yesterday I stopped by an Estate Sale around the corner from my house and usually I get quite excited about these things, but for some reason this house made me a bit sad.

It was pretty bare by the time I got there, mostly antique furniture (which I have no room for in my house) and a scattering of bits and pieces here and there. But it was these bits and pieces that made me so melancholy.

The woman that lived there had kept hundreds of photographs of her family. I sifted through a box of photos of a young boy and his family. (I can only assume one of the women was his mother, the lady of the house). There were pictures of them on the beach, pictures of the boy playing in the streets (the very street right outside), pictures of them having a picnic.

Then there were art books, mostly of Impressionist artists. She was a painter as well, mimicking the styles of Cezanne, Matisse, Manet, and a bit of Van Gogh too. (I might go back today to see if any of her work is still on sale) And she had plenty of travel books and maps of Paris and London from the 1960s. I considered buying these just for fun.

I suppose I got a bit blue because many of the wonderful things she had collected and her possessions reminded me so much of myself. The pretty collection of teacups, hoarding magazines (you never know when you need to reference them!), and her apparent love for art, traveling, and all things beautiful.

It upset me a little to see all these people milling about, turning over her things, tossing them back with nonchalance, and moving on.

She was my neighbor. When I walked my dog past her bright pink house I always wondered what kind of person would live in a house entirely painted cotton candy pink. And now, I know.
April 16, 2009

I am so excited about the new "Modern Vintage" clothes, everything is just so cute! I really love the "Princessa T-Shirt" the art on it reminds me of the illustrations from The Little Prince. With a cute little polka dot skirt and ballet flats, that would be one seriously adorable outfit!

Ahh and the black and white striped tunic...(Twiggy! Twiggy!) a wardrobe essential, no? What I love about this tunic though is that it flares out a little bit. I posted a picture of Kate Moss wearing a Tory Burch striped tunic for comparison fit/shape since it's very similar. And if you're a petite gal you can wear the tunic as a mini dress. (I made sure to order an extra one of these for my own closet *hehe*)

Kate Moss in Striped Dress

Don't you just love how Kate Moss wore black and white with brown? Ahhh I love Kate!
April 14, 2009
Did you have a lovely Easter?

Yesterday did a little shopping and I'm super excited to share the treasures I've found!

The AV studio is in need of a ridiculous cleaning overhaul! In the past month we've received tons of vintage clothing, vintage inspired clothes (for our "modern vintage" line) as well as vintage jewelry, handbags, and shoes.

This little studio is getting smaller by the second and I'm running out of room to put everything. But on the POSITIVE side of the overcrowding, it means there will be TONS of new products added to our vintage store soon!

Stay tuned!
April 6, 2009
Tomorrow I will be adding more vintage handbags and vintage shoes on AV!

Will be measuring and polishing up lots of lovely heels, loafers, and superbly cool 1960s orange wedge flats (they're pretty MOD MOD!) in the morning and hopefully getting around to the studio to snap some photos.

Oh, and on my little trip to the antique store, I found myself the most lovely straw hat with embroidered flowers which I will wear for Easter brunch! (I just need a vintage dress to go with it...)

I've been trying to decide how best to photograph footwear. Is it better to photograph them worn? <- This can be a bit problematic as the shoes come in various sizes. Or perhaps just by themselves?

I usually opt for items to be photograph by themselves, it makes them stand out more. But with Adorevintage I always want to push to have better photos, to represent these beautiful and wonderful items in the best light possible.

Shoe Photography Inspiration from Anthropologie

Stay true to your style

Like with any trend or style, it is best to stay true to what you are most comfortable in and what looks best on you. You may find an amazing 1970s Diane Fres print dress (a la Nicole Richie), but all those loud colors and crazy prints might not be you, let alone the silhouette might not be right for your body shape. There are so many different ways to wear vintage clothing because vintage clothing spans from the 1920s to the 1980s. If your style is feminine and classic opt for chic 1960s dresses or ladylike 50s frocks. If your style is more bohemian go with hippie looks from the 60s with fringe, handpainted details, jubilant colors, and plenty of floaty maxi dresses.
- from Rodellee

Got any tips on wearing vintage clothing? Let us know and we'll post them here!