May 30, 2014

Long before there was disco Cher (who is awesome) there was Native American/Southwest inspired Cher (equally as awesome). Ok, so maybe it's not too long before, only a few years. In the early 1970s Cher often modeled in Vogue magazine (probably a lot of that has to do with the then Vogue editor in chief, Diana Vreeland, who loved how Cher looked) and in most of these editorial stories Cher wore a lot of incredible Native American jewelry, colors, and textures. Also, can I just say how much I love her pin straight black mane? Makes me want to grow mine out then get a Brazilian blow out so I can channel my "take me back to 1973" native spirit.

All right, I know that last photo (in the bottom right corner) isn't of Cher, but you get the vibe. Here are some more Southwest/Native American fashion + lifestyle inspirations. And if you get a quick minute, check out all the native and bohemian inspired vintage jewelry that just arrived in the shop!

Vintage native southwest jewelry

Isn't the vintage Ralph Lauren advertisement just amazing? Although I could do without the bandana around the head like that, too Rambo for me. And this last photo of country darling Emmylou Harris photographed at magic hour with the sun through her bohemian floral dress and her simple silver jewelry. I adore this so much.


Old school Ralph Lauren advertisement, so Americana! |

Beautiful photo of the lovely Emmylou Harris | Originally from Free People blog, but found here

Vintage Native Southwest + Boho inspired jewelry at Adored Vintage

Oh here is an article about Emmylou Harris |

Let me just finish this blog post that Emmylou Harris is my current style obsession at the moment. So expect a Monday Muse post on her soon...
May 29, 2014

It's old news how much we adore flowers, but we can't help it and it's been awhile since we've done a flowery post. Right now we have several vintage dresses with gorgeous floral prints in the vintage shop and they are perfect for summer wedding season! We've paired our favorite vintage floral dresses from the shop with lovely vintage inspired flower arrangements, antique botanical prints, and floral inspired interiors.

Vintage Floral Dresses (in order of appearance)

2.] Vintage 1930s sheer floral dress | Vie En Provence Dress c.1930s
3.] Vintage inspired floral dress | Garden Brunch Dress
4.] Vintage 1950s black floral cocktail dress | Modern Florist Dress
6.] Vintage 1940s cream floral gown | Arbors of Saint Gilles Dress
7.] Vintage 1950s magenta floral party dress | Frolic Petunia Dress

further reading coz learning is fun // 

Flower Maiden Fantasy Pinterest board (which is where most of these beautiful images are from! There are dozens and dozens more!)

Adored Vintage Flowers Inspiration board | Lots of antique botanical prints, flower arrangements, and generally pretty flowery stuff

Fleurs | A super pretty flowers and such inspiration board 

Still Life Painting in Northern Europe 1600-1800 | Some of my favorite still life paintings and the painters behind them and the still life movement in Northern Europe. Read this if you've got some extra time to spare and want to just get geeky on floral paintings
May 28, 2014
Summer is officially upon us and we couldn't be happier! This means we can wear pieces like the Lavender Landscape Playsuit and Lily Pond Dress. While there is nothing like texture and layer during the winter months we just adore a light weight sundress and short shorts. Take a look at the new update below and head on over to the shop and pick up your favorite summer pieces before they are gone.

May 26, 2014

During the second World War, women really stepped up to the plate and did their part in the war effort. Not only did they step up to the plate, it was actually encouraged! More women served as pilots and nurses on the war front. Women at home supported the war by doing the jobs the men did like joining the Women's Land Army of America. Here are several vintage photos from the 1940s of women in war. Happy Memorial Day loves!

This last photo is a photo of women in the Woman's Land Army of America with their harvested crops.  I really love this photo for some reason, I think it is because I love the idea of women (or people in general) coming together to support a bigger cause.

Here are more great links if you're interested in learning more about women in the war effort back in the 1940s!

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May 23, 2014

I was listening to an older "This American Life" podcast entitled Americans in Paris and there was a short snippet towards the end that I absolutely adored by Janet McDonald, author of "Project Girl" (a book I am going to pick up and add to my summer reading list) and her description of how the French viewed our American ways. Like how work is just not a big deal and there isn't this huge pressure to be at the top or striving to be number one. I like that. Why can't we just be? The photos I found this week and wanted to share evoke this feeling and being I really want and am learning to adopt.

May 22, 2014

I think it goes without saying that we at Adored Vintage love neutrals and today we're taking a time machine back to the 1970s to delve into fashion inspiration that embodies what the modern day AV gal is all about: chic, effortless, and timeless fashion.

And speaking of effortless and chic ladies, I must bring up Gretchen Jones and her fashion project The Neutral Territory in which for the entire year of 2014 she eliminates one color from her wardrobe every month to experiment with an all natural wardrobe. Gretchen's style very much resonates with what I love about the vintage seventies fashion inspiration I posted here. She has a wonderful knack of pairing patterns, textures and shapes together with ease and adds just the right amount of jewelry accents to finish it off nicely. Seriously though, go check out her blog! You'll probably want to throw out all your brightly colored clothes after, or at least stock them away until you want to wear the rainbow again (speaking from experience, all my brightly colored 1970s kaftans, 60s minis, and 2000s DVFs are safely stocked away in storage)

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 Images from Vintage 1970s Style on pinterest |

The Neutral Territory |

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