February 22, 2010

I have always loved vintage metal frame beds, when I was younger I dreamed of having a vintage metal bed (with a Victorian feel) or a white canopy bed with lavender ruffled sheets. But instead, I had this ugly clunky brown oak bed that had removable railings (horrid). My younger sister on the other hand got a white metal day bed with a romantic scroll head board and little floral painted details AND a canopy (bed envy...) I've already made a promise to myself that if I have a little girl and she wants a princess bed, she will most definitely get one! (Although if she asks for a sensible "will-last-you-a-lifetime" clunky bed, I have to draw the line!)

Sources: Interior design by Stuart Mcintyre as discovered by Desire to Inspire
February 19, 2010

These vintage hairstyles are best suited for shoulder length and longer hair. I would have posted some shorter hairstyles of the late 20s and early 30s, but I'm not quite sure how I could manage the styles since my hair has grown out some.

If you notice, I prefer vintage hairstyles that do not look "too costume-y" and also ones that look easy to manage and replicate. I am wondering how to get the voluminous waves as worn by Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake, and Lauren Bacall. Hmm... I wonder if their hair was curled then continuously brushed out until the curls are nearly gone.

There are quite a few books you can purchase on Amazon on mastering vintage hairstyles, curling techniques, tips for waves...etc. I haven't purchased any but considering it. For some reason many of them are quite expensive, do they contain a magical potion or secret one will only discover if you drop $80+ on these books? *sigh* I think trial and error will be kinder to my wallet.
February 18, 2010

Today marked the official first day of my "Spring Cleaning" which means that I deep clean the home (wash the walls, steam the curtains and upholstery, wash windows...) but it also means I recycle some of my older housewares and make room for new home goods! I love everything pictured above so much and wish the Money Fairy would pay me a visit. *hehe*

{ Where to Buy }

1.} Vintage Seltzer Bottles - $64 (ea)
2.} Romantic French Dishes - $20
3.} Pine Cone Sugar & Creamer Set - $18
4.} Milk Glass Compotes Trio - $50
5.} Clover Glass Pitcher - $12
6.} Antique 1880 Staffordshire ABC Plate - $250
7.} Mr & Mrs. Salt & Pepper Shaker - $17
8.} Vintage Milk Glass Holder - $59
9.} Vintage English Cookie Tin - $10
February 10, 2010
He is regarded as the "Father of Haute Couture" or "the first couturier"... English born but became a household name in France. Charles Frederick Worth was prominent fashion designer in the later part of the 19th century.

He drew some of his design inspirations from historic portraits and used very lavish fabrics and trimmings on his clothing. Nearly all of his designs were one-of-a-kind and made specifically for a certain client.

I really love all the pale and muted colors he uses. I imagine many of his inspirations came from portraits painted by Thomas Gainsborough.

Gown by Charles Frederick Worth c. 1890

Paris, France Pale pink and cream satin, machine-made lace, c. 1880

And here are a few Thomas Gainsborough paintings from the late 18th century... lovely similarities, hm?

Image Credits: 1.} Mint Musuem 2.} Victoria and Albert Musuem 3.} Met Museum 4.} Met Museum 5.} Penwith.co.uk 6.} Guardian.co.uk 7.} Olga's Gallery