January 31, 2010
First and foremost, I did not bring my camera after all. But mostly because I knew I wanted to get lost in the world of vintage and lugging around a big clunky camera was not in my plans for this little magical trip.

So, off I drove to Burbank, stopping to get a latte and croissant along the way. I arrive and I'm immediately smitten! I can feel the energy around me as other woman "coo" and "ahh" over vintage dresses and costume jewelry. At last! A place where like minded girls are all under one roof and can relish in all of these pretty little things. Sometimes I feel like such a big nerd when I find a pretty vintage dress in a shop, I run my fingers through the fabric and hold it against me imagining the stories behind the garment. La! La! La! I'm so pretty!

There are two big rooms, one on the right and one on the left. Both rooms have vintage clothes, accessories, and textiles (linens, aprons, blankets). I go into the right room first. Lace blouses and pretty floral prints and billowy chiffon dresses all catch my attention first. 15 minutes of being inside and I've already asked three different booths to put something on hold for me.

I must not be impulsive! I will practice control!

I am not there for jewelry or handbags. So, I don't look through any of the booths that have them. But trust me, there are PLENTY to choose from varying in price ranges from "nearly broke college student" to "thank God my husband is with me and he's footing the bill" (haha!)

I feel like a hummingbird flitting from booth to booth. Oh! Oh! a green velvet hat from the 1940s, oh it looks so perfect against my dark hair! Oh, it's $100! (sad face). Oh my God! Oh my God! It's a vintage Versace! Someone else grabs for it. No! No! I saw it first! The dark navy chiffon and silk rustle past me in a blur. (another sad face) Ooo what is this grey 1950s day dress with the big lace collar? That would look so great with black tights and mary-janes. Oh, no! What?! You don't take Visa? Arg!

Many of the booths take credit cards if their prices are higher. Almost all the booths I went to that had reasonable prices only took cash or check. Lesson learned. Bring your checkbook!

I'm inexperienced at these things. I hear other women haggle for prices. I'm not brave enough to do it. But, if you're good at that sort of thing, go for it. Bargains are to be had here!

Hey, who's that? She looks familiar. I know her from somewhere. Keep walking, walking. Oh, look at all of these gorgeous Victorian dresses! So much lace! Eggshell, cream, beige, cafe au lait colors... I am swooning! There's that girl again, and that other girl, and that other girl.

Oh! It's Tennessee Thomas. And the other girls from "The Like" except I don't realize this until much later. And I recognize Tennessee from theFashionspot forums, but I'm shy when it comes to strangers so I don't say anything. I notice her colorful 70s mini dress and mirrored novelty 1950s straw bag.

After a couple hours, I am hungry and know I might lose control if I stay longer. I pick up business cards, introduce myself, enquire about an AMAZING AMAZING 1930s cornflower blue silk dress cut on the bias with a gored skirt and capelet and I want to cry because I can't buy it (it's $345 and I have no need for a formal gown) but somehow or other this dress and I are meant to be together. It's DESTINY!

I leave clutching three paper bags in my hands. I am floating. I have three new treasures to add to my closet. HOORAH! HOORAH! What a great day it has been!

And if you've read through this lengthy post... here are my new treasures!

(See, I practiced restraint ^_^, only three things!)
January 29, 2010
I'm feeling a bit gleeful today. Perhaps it's because I have finally organized the Adorevintage work closet or perhaps its because on Sunday I am going to a vintage clothing and textile show! *HOORAH!*

I wonder if they will let me bring my camera? I don't see why not. I bet there will be loads of well dressed women all just waiting to get their photo snapped to inspire outfit decisions in the future. *hehe*

Oh, another reason to be happy, in March I start taking pastry and baking classes at Gourmandise Desserts! I am so very excited to learn how to make French macaroons and finaciers and opera cakes (whatever those are)! I've always really enjoyed baking, and now I can take classes with a real life French pastry chef. Oui! Oui!
January 28, 2010

I've always loved antique illustrations and botanical prints as artwork in people's homes. I can't quite put my finger on it why at the moment, but if you like this type of work you probably feel the same as I do. There's a bit of magic about them, don't you think?

You can get these vintage botanical pages from my favorite online source for vintage ephemera papers le Petit Poulailler.
January 27, 2010
I would love to start wearing hats, but I haven't quite figured out how to easily incorporate them in casual daywear like women did back in the good old days. Here are a lovely vintage hats from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s that are quite special, but are really the kind of hats you can't wear day to day unless you are Dita Von Teese.

Vintage Shop Links: 1.] 1930s Black Velvet Hat from BallyhooVintage, 2.] 1950s Green Feathered Hat from TangerineBoutique, 3.] Vintage 1940s Sequined Topper from Flashbax, 4.] Vintage 1950s Straw Hat from Lilthedog
Well chickadees I was quite pleased with myself for waking up at the crack of dawn (well 6:30), pinning up the curls, and putting on "my face".

Now that I'm dressed I feel less like a sloth and off to enjoy a cup of coffee & 15 minutes reading a new book (A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers)

Afterwards, I've got a date with my sink full of dishes and then another date with two baskets of laundry. Such a glamorous housewife I am!

BTW, thank you all to posted comments on my previous outfit post. Your comments actually inspired me to put in a bit of effort. After all, if the mothers and wives in the good old days could still work, keep house, and watch their children while looking tres chic, I certainly can with all of our newfangled "shortcut" gadgets we have now, right?
January 26, 2010
I love looking at photos from the past for outfit inspirations. I have become increasingly in love with a 1940s mixed with Victorian look. Simple and clean lines, basic color palette, and plenty of lace, ruffles, and bow details. The first two photos are hair inspirations. *putting curlers in my hair tonight* And I have a blouse almost like the one worn in the first photo, not an antique or vintage unfortunately, it's actually Max Azria, but I'm delighted to see a real life vintage inspiration!

{ For larger versions, click on the source links below }

Photo credits: 1.] Young Girl, 2.] Stunning Dorothy, 3.] C.T. Ben's Friends, 4.] Mother on Tin Roof, 1944, 5.] Circassian Beauty, 6.] Two Ladies & an Automobile 1922, 7.] Sad Eyes, 1936, 8.] Beautiful Young Lady 1890s, 9.] 1940s
January 25, 2010
Outfit posts are pretty rare for me nowadays. Have I become lazy or is it because I have too many other things going on to really get dressed and have a picture taken? Anyhow, today I decided to put in that extra bit of effort, pin up my hair, and added a brush of red lipstick because red lipstick always cheers and awakens. (Well, in my case anyway)

I look tired here. Wait... I AM tired. The past week I've only been getting 5-6 hrs of sleep a night. I need to get to bed earlier...

As far as the rest of the outfit goes. Black tights paired with black Seychelle booties.
January 22, 2010
Lots of lovely vintage finds for you ladies tonight! I have been working busy as a bee and it's been a lot worse since my site decided to get bonkers on me. Chatting with tech support is really educational though, all that geek speak, I'm getting it. *hehe*

Anyhow, without further ado, some lovely vintage clothes just arrived in the shop and I do hope you enjoy and share them with others that adore vintage as much as you and I.

{ click here to visit shop }

Click to shop: adorevintage

January 21, 2010
Oh dear... I've messed something up. *sigh* So this morning I was trying to set up domain forwarding for AdoreVintage and did it backwards so I reset so I could fix it and do it right and instead I got added in the "Slow Reset" list for my hosting company. Usually these things fix themselves ASAP but apparently mine is going to take 3-4 hours. *cries*

So, what to do in the meantime as I can't access any part of my site (sorry for the broken images)...

Guess I'll get to organizing the stock closet. I usually organize by color, but since I literally have a closet now (as opposed to having an entire room) to house everything, I need to rework how everything is laid out because I am having the hardest time finding anything.

Hopefully my site is up and running again in a few hours! *crosses fingers*
What is the difference between natural fibres and artificial fibres? Well, in this post I will attempt to explain and educate. :)

A vintage sweater most likely made from fabric containing acrylic. A vintage dress pattern that looks best with natural fabrics like cotton or linen.

Natural fibre are fibers derived from plants and animals. Natural = nature. A few examples would be cotton, wool, and linen. Usually natural fibers tend to wrinkle and crease more easily than artificial fibers. Natural fibers also breathe more easily and respond to change in temperature and different climates. So, if it's a hot sunny day you are better off wearing a cotton shirt than a polyester one. And if you wash a wool sweater in hot water... it shrinks!

Artificial or Synthetic fibres begin as chemical solutions. They can also be made from natural fibres but are processed to create a synthetic fiber. Synthetic fibers are not as porous as natural fibers and are also not as absorbent (don't wear polyester if you're going to be sweating...) On the plus side, synthetic fibers tend to wrinkle less and have less creases.

Here are some examples of fabrics made from artificial fibres:
1.} Acrylic - sweaters, dresses
2.} Nylon - dresses, lingerie, blouses
3.} Polyester - dresses, suits, blouses, linings, lingerie
4.} Rayon - dresses, blouses, draperies, linings
5.} Acetate - lingerie, dresses, blouses

I have seen all these on a clothing label at one point or another. However, sometimes a fabric content label won't be present so I do my best to guess. I am not a fabric expert by any means, but by doing plenty of research I think I will be able to better define the fabric contents of the many vintage clothes I have in the { SHOP }

*I am still learning and researching, so if you see an error, please feel free to correct me*