January 22, 2009
Bold and statement necklaces were all over the runways and not to mention all over celebrities. You can get the same look with vintage costume jewelry (and usually at much more affordable prices!)

chanel necklace spring 2009 runways

1. Vintage Kenneth Jay Lane necklace, $245 2. Vintage wooden button necklace, $34.99 3. Vintage Miriam Haskell brass flower necklace, $255 3. Vintage Kenneth Jay Lane bib rhinestone necklace, $315 (Auction) 5. Vintage Designer Miriam Haskell rhinestone floral necklace, $2,450

The best thing about shopping online for vintage is you can find basically anything you want with just a few key search words. And you can also find a huge variety of vintage jewelry at different price points. (I tried to post a few high end and more affordable choices)
January 21, 2009

I've got a fever *boo*, so I'm suppose to rest and take it easy, but I just couldn't help but share what's coming up in the shop soon!

Oh, and it's a complete coincidence that the colors all go together. *hehe*

Check the shop every day to see what's new!
January 20, 2009
This girl has fabulous vintage style. Cheerful, refreshing, classic with pops of color. And she's gorgeous to boot!

Inauguration Day by Keiko Lynn

vintage beret - from my mom's store
scarf and coat - h&m
80s dress - thrifted and altered (shortened, taken in, took up the waistline a few inches)
fuchsia tights (they look red here, but they're very pink in real life): Hue - I've had these since high school
belt - from my mom's store
vintage purse - gift from my mom
boots - beacon's closet
obama pin - yayyyyy
January 17, 2009
We just received these GORGEOUS stunning vintage cocktail rings. And secretly I want to keep them all, but I really musn't... well maybe just one... oh dear...

Vintage cocktail rings are so perfect for adding that last minute "notice me" touch to your outfits. I often wear them when I'm wearing a more casual simple dress, you know me, must have a little color and sparkle somewhere! *hehe*

I haven't quite checked to see if they're signed or stamped with any designer names (like Avon, Trifari, Sarah Coventry...), but they're all such little knockouts signed or not.

Visit our vintage shop in the next few days to see these little (or rather not so little) lovelies!
January 13, 2009
Awhile back Adorevintage.com sponsored a contest on Polyvore.com and we haven't been to the site much lately (what's my password again?)... but I did sneak a looksie today and was pleasantly surprised by all the sets created with Adorevintage.com products.

Some of my personal favorites...

Keeps... by groovyGABY

i know myself
i know myself by Mrs.Goodcat

Untitled by senayazakpur

As lovers go;;
As lovers go;; by JAAAA. hiatus.

Some Days Speak For Themselves.
Some Days Speak For Themselves. by Faithfashion!

For daydreamerxo-ON![requests open]
For daydreamerxo-ON![requests open] by ♥Juℓια♥Gυℓια♥(Studying★)

Back to nature
Back to nature by MelissaKaye

January 11, 2009
You wouldn't think that CHLOE is a classic vintage staple since the label really only blew up a few years ago when the Paddington and Silverado bags became the "It Bag" and absolute must have. This was during the design reign of Phoebe Philo who, in my personal opinion, did amazing wonders for the CHLOE brand.

But just a little background tidbits on the fashion house...
  • Founded in 1952 in Paris by Gaby Aghion and Jacques Lenoir
  • Chloe means "young, green shoot" in French
  • Their first collection debuted in 1956
  • In the 1970s Chloe became internationally known thanks to Karl Lagerfeld
  • Lagerfeld was head designer for Chloe from 1966 to 1983
  • Guy Paulin, Martine Sitbon, Stella McCartney (daughter of Beatle's Paul McCartney), and Phoebe Philo, and Paulo Andersson became later designers for the Chloe label
  • The current designer is Hannah Macgibbon

Kate Moss wearing Vintage Chloe Jeans

Sarah Michelle Gellar in Vintage Chloe Tiered Dress
January 9, 2009
Oh my goodness, as soon as I saw the lovely Sally Jane in this ensemble, I absolutely HAD to share it with all of you. Doesn't she look so fantastic? Like she just stepped out of a page from Anthropologie. So inspirational!

lace blouse: vintage
sweater: A&F via Salvation Army
skirt: vintage
tights: AA
shoes: Seychelles via UO
hat, gloves, belt & purse: vintage
So pretty and light! I thought this was such a wonderful idea I had to post about it! Katie Jean had crafted these for her daughter's room. Vintage hankies are plentiful at local antique stores and they're usually inexpensive, so you could probably craft this little project for yourself over the weekend.

This looks simple enough and I have quite a few vintage hankies around the house, probably not enough to really go together for a valance, but I might give this a go and let you all know how it turns out!

Another idea...

Vntage Hankie Bunting by Kristen

Kirsten Dunst and a friend are out and about in L.A. looking cute and fresh. Don't you just love the striped vintage 80's dress? I love how she kept it simple with flip flops (although personally I would opt for cute sandals as I feel flip-flops are for the beach or puttin' around at home).

Kirsten Dunst looks terrific as usual, she has such an easy-going "I just threw this together" vibe to her outfits. Bravo Kirsten Dunst (and your friend!)
Aren't these images so dreamy? I love having vintage items in my house mixed in with modern day wares too. There's just something about "old stuff" that I love.

Vintage China Collection by Koreana

I literally went "Ooooooooo" and my eyes bugged out when I saw this. I collect tea cups and saucers too but my cupboards are nowhere near as pretty. But this is quite inspirational! Ooo, I have that yellow Anthropologie teacup too!

Storage Solutions by Pretty Shabby

Oh goodness, what don't I love about these shelves? I LOVE the green storage tins so very much, I should do a massive hunt for something similar. And are those little jars with the red & white checkered lids old Jam jars? How clever! Cute and green living!

Vintage Tins with Sewing Supplies by Needlebook

I am so nostalgic for old tin bins. My Grandmother used to send us cookies for the Holidays and she always had the prettiest tins to put them in. I think my parents saved them, I hope! What a smart idea, to use tins to store tiny trinkets.

Vintage Dolls by Plump Pudding

These little dolls are so cute! They remind me so much of the little wooden Hungarian toys we used to see at the Budapest markets. I love old toys, no ugly cheap plastic bits in sight!
January 6, 2009
As soon as I saw this picture I thought "Wow, I wish I was as cool as her!" I love the combination of colors, prints, and textures. But then I read the outfit description and I was quite impressed with how this outfit was pieced together.

Ruffle Mania - the Coveted Flickr

"The blouse is an 80’s peplum blouse about 5 sizes too big, but I liked the fabric so I turned upside down. Turned around, the peplum becomes a giant neck ruffle… and of course I can’t just stop with one ruffle, but add two more, and possibly a third just to make a point."

blouse and skirt : flea market
tights: urban outfitters
necklaces: gift from digitalfemme
shoes and bracelet: marc jacobs

January 5, 2009
I've added new dresses in the shop! Start your new year off with something fun and colorful, yes?
Vintage Dresses at Adorevintage.com
Click on image to see new additions!

More vintage dresses coming this week, mostly dating from the late 70s and 80s. And I have an AMAZING Mary Quant vintage dress coming soon to the shop as well! I might plan a photoshoot around it though, it's so mod and cute, very Twiggy! So might not be added to the Couture section for a little while.
I know, I know, there hasn't been a single AV Blog update in MONTHS (months!!!) so today I am promising to update the Adorevintage.com Blog regularly from now on with lots of cool insider AV stuff and whatever else may tickle my vintage fancies. *hehe*

So, today's little post:

I crafted these little "Thank You" cards to send out with AV orders. So if you place an order on AV anytime soon, you'll get one of these little lovelies.

I have a lot of shipping to catch up on, which is terrific because I can add these little trinkets on to the packages. I am making a few other designs as well. Aren't these so cute?