December 21, 2009

Item description: This amazing skirt is a beautiful sepia-toned brown/black velvet, and gorgeous ! Sequined and hand-painted with sombrero, bullfighter and scenic motifs, it has "Guadalajara" in script on the front, and is a true, full circle. The back of the skirt is a duplicate image of the front. Shown here with a crinoline that is not included to show off the fullness of the skirt, there is a snap on the back of a 2" waistband. In excellent vintage condition, with just a few loose threads in the sequins, this is a beautiful holiday piece that would be fabulous belted with some heels or boots.
Price: $75.00 USD
Available at: Starlet Vintage
December 19, 2009
What inspires you? Sometimes I get asked this question and almost always I answer, "Vintage"... but when I say vintage I don't just mean vintage clothes or vintage dresses, it's a feeling, if that makes sense, a moment even.

I hope all of you had a lovely week so far! Mine has been quite busy with the holidays so very close! We leave to visit family on Wednesday and it's creeping right up, isn't it? Sadly, this year we did not get a Christmas tree. Strange we've been too busy to go get a tree (well, and all the rain in L.A. didn't help either). Will be vacationing for almost a week in northern California, hopefully we'll get some time to visit a vineyard or maybe spend a day in San Francisco, I am dying to go see "Wicked!" Most of all, I am looking forward to spending time with family and eating lots of food! *hehe*

Image credits: 1.] Shapeshift via 'thepulpgirls', 2.] Standing on the Shore by Waga27, 3.] Think Summer, 4.] Skinnywolves, 5.] Tumblr, 6.], 7.] Egotrippingatthegates, 8.] Design is Mine, 9.] oiseaujaune, 10.] >Tatielle
December 18, 2009
Oh! Be still my heart for I have fallen in love with Paris through the beautiful captures of photographer Alicia Bock. Why do I adore these photos so much? That soft amber glow, diffused sunlight, the tiny windows, a little hazy, dreamy... ahhh I wish I were in Paris!

You can purchase photo prints on her website or via etsy. BTW, her Etsy has many, many more beautiful photos so I do hope you will take a look! I can't even decide which I want to purchase, there are so many!
December 10, 2009
One of the best ways to learn more about vintage clothing is to study vintage sewing patterns. The illustrations on the front really give a feel for what women wore day to day. I usually look at vintage patterns to determine the age of a garment, very helpful when it comes to dating vintage blouses and skirts as sometimes they're a little harder to date than dresses. Anyhow, without further ado... a few vintage blouse patterns from the 50s for you to enjoy!

How many different types of collars can you spot? Do you notice how tailored and streamlined the blouses were in the 1950s? It seems they were always worn tucked into a skirt (with a banded waist or worn with a belt). The sleeves are never fussy and loose, cuffs seemed to always be present (no elastic!). I am swooning over the white Vintage Vogue blouse with the horizontal tucks, I would wear it in a heartbeat!
December 9, 2009
After about two months of living in LA, I'm finally starting to feel like planting my roots in the ground (well until we move again...LOL) This means HOUSE DECORATING! The interiors posted below lean towards a shabby bohemian feel. Sometimes I really love that "pretty + messy" look and other times I suddenly want super streamlined, mid-century modern simplicity. There has to be a happy medium, right? More design and interior posts in the future as I move forward with turning our LA house into a home.

Image credits: 1.] Sandra Juto 2.] smile + wave 3.] Hello Lolla 4.] HB Gordon 5.] Encantada 6.] 56 Steps 7.] Ethan Ollie 8.] Solution Soap 9.] PaperNStitch 10.] omoo
December 7, 2009

BUY NOW: "Bettie Frills Dress"

Pretty little vintage 1950s gingham sundress in blue and white. Love the lace ribbon detail encircling the entire dress. I found this little beauty on our way to Sacramento for the Thanksgiving holidays. Unfortunately too big for me, otherwise I would have probably kept it to wear for Spring/Summer.

Wouldn't this be just so darling with little espadrilles and perhaps a contrasting straw belt. Ooo and flowers in your hair and you could pin it up with curls. Ahh, I just love vintage so much, don't you?

Where to purchase:
Date: 1950s
As a child I really loved going through my mom's McCalls magazine because sometimes in the back they would feature the "Betsy McCall" paper doll. I fully regret never ripping these out and saving them as when my parents moved overseas, all of those magazines were recycled. *sigh*

But joy of all joys, this morning I discovered a website where you can PRINT the vintage 1950s Betsy McCalls for FREE! HOORAY! Check it out here: Betsy McCall - The First Ten Years

***Don't forget to put thicker paper or thin cardboard behind the pages before cutting them out!