March 30, 2011
"When you're finished changing, you're finished" - Benjamin Franklin. Well, he WAS quite a brilliant man.

These are all so inspiring to me right now. I really want to do a shoot in the desert soon with lots of cactus! Maybe for a Summer editorial for Adorevintage? ^_^

Image Credits:
1.] Kirsten Dunst for Band of Outsiders Spring 2011 via Fashiongonerogue, 2.] Becca Stadtlander illustrations via Creaturecomforts, 3.] Jane Eyre still via The New York Times, 4.] Shoes via W Closet, 5.] Amazing apartment inspiration via Emma Design Blog, 6.] Fantastic candy packaging via Mast Brothers Chocolate, 7.] Delicate Wardrobe photo print available at Diem Design, 8.] Lost credit link but was spotted on Pinterest
March 29, 2011
Vintage Outfit Post

This vintage skirt was suppose to be for the vintage shop, but I've fallen in love and can't part with it. Sometimes I don't realize exactly how much of my wardrobe is vintage and recycled until I do an outfit post and tag what I'm wearing. I forgot to tag the belt, also thrifted. Honestly, the only thing I bought new from this entire ensemble are the shoes!

The necklace I got from a flea market in Mt. Dora, Florida. I actually have several of these, so I'll have to list them in the shop soon, they're intricately decorated vials with stones on the center. Very rad.
March 28, 2011
Babycakes is an adorable little bakery serving up pretty looking vegan & gluten free baked goods in downtown Los Angeles. I'm very skeptical of "vegan, gluten-free" bakeries mostly because I feel like desserts and sweets SHOULD HAVE all those not so great things for you so they taste delicious.


A friend and I stopped in after discussing plans for the Adorevintage April 2011 lookbook shoot on Wednesday. I didn't know Babycakes was a vegan bakery, usually I would high tail it elsewhere, but the decor was so darn cute, I thought why not?

babycakes_3 babycakes_1 babycakes_2

I'm a sucker for cute interiors like I'm a sucker for packaging and presentation. The girls that work here wear adorable pin striped little shift dresses with bows on the neck. Um, yes please!

babycakes_4 babycakes_5 babycakes_6

The prices are higher. I find that's pretty common for places like this... but $5.00 for a CUPCAKE... I know it has fancy grains and soy milk...but FIVE DOLLARS for something I can literally eat in two big bites? Hrmph.

babycakes_7 babycakes_8

If you're in downtown LA and looking for a cute vintage-y place to get a vegan baked treat (and DELICIOUS coffee, seriously, so yummy!) I recommend Babycakes. But, if you're not really into the "healthy" versions of sinful desserts like brownies, cupcakes, and bread loaves, I'd probably just skip it unless you want to go here to admire the vintage records on display and to feel cute in this very girlie bakery.

All photos taken by me. Please feel free to share, credit/link back ^_^
Japanese Fashion Vintage Inspired Style

I first found out about the Japanese fashion brand W Closet from FUDGE magazine. I am so inspired by the photography! So cute! After seeing these photos I am very tempted to purchase the Trompe L'Oeil distressed floor mat from Urban Outfitters for AV product photos. I've been debating it for quite some time now and after seeing these images I'm nearly 100% convinced!

japanesestyle-wcloset japanesestyle-wcloset-2

Image Credits: All images are from W Closet Online Shop
Vintage Inspired Fashion, Obsession Du Jour

I will never tire of stripes and lace. They are wardrobe staples for me. What is new however is my new found love for tribal inspired jewelry and accessories. Usually I tend to favor florals, lace, pretty pastel colored baubles and rhinestones. But the past couple of weeks I've really been attracted to jewelry that's a bit more geometric and features stonework.

FASHION: 1.] House of Harlow earrings from, 2.] A.L.C. striped linen tank from Browns Fashion, 3.] American Rah crochet vest from, 4.] Pocahontas Clutch/Bag from Calypso St. Barth, 5.] Paperbag maxi skirt from River Island, 6.] Faux succulents (set of 3) from, 7.] 3.1 Phillip Lim criss cross platform sandal from Lagarconne

I've also been highly considering starting a little succulent garden. Very inspired by these succulents in their recycled containers.

Image Credit: Upcycled Succulent Planter Inspiration from
March 25, 2011
When I was approached by Conan Thai to style a shoot I was really ecstatic. I had met him before through one of my friends, Sade Williams, and really loved his work.

I really love how the shoot turned out, it's vintage, it's lovely, it's emotional, fresh... I hope you love it as much as I do!

Vintage Fashion Styling Photoshoot with Conan Thai


Vintage Inspired Fashion Styling Photoshoot with Conan Thai Vintage Inspired Fashion Styling Photoshoot with Conan Thai

Vintage Inspired Fashion Styling Photoshoot with Conan Thai

Vintage Inspired Fashion Styling Photoshoot with Conan Thai

Vintage Inspired Fashion Styling Photoshoot with Conan Thai

Vintage Inspired Fashion Styling Photoshoot with Conan Thai Vintage Inspired Fashion Styling Photoshoot with Conan Thai

Photography: Conan Thai
Styling: Rodellee
Hair: Chloe Doan
Make-up: Brie Leach
Photo Assistant: Philip Tieu

Check out more of Conan's work: "Lost in the Analog" at Ben Trovato and "Attempts to Fly" at Peta Pixel

*** If you are a photographer and would like your work featured on the Adorevintage blog, please don't hesitate to contact us with samples of your latest work!
March 23, 2011
When Domino magazine was pulled off shelves I might have shed a tear of two. After all, I felt Domino was the first interior design magazine that "got me"... it wasn't quite as New England as Martha Stewart, not quite as shabby chic as Cottage Style, and not quite is posh as ELLE Decor. It was the happy Goldie Locks of interior design.

But now, there's { LONNY MAGAZINE }, basically an online version of Domino. (Hooray! Hooray!)

lonnymagazine-1 lonnymagazine-2 lonnymagazine-3 lonnymagazine-4 lonnymagazine-5 lonnymagazine-6 lonnymagazine-7 lonnymagazine-8 lonnymagazine-9

I hope you liked the lovely magazine screencaps from LONNY, be sure to read the entire issue, it's full of inspiring images! You can view the entire issue here: Lonny Magazine March/April 2011

Image Credits: All images were screencapped from Lonny Magazine online.