January 7, 2009
Aren't these images so dreamy? I love having vintage items in my house mixed in with modern day wares too. There's just something about "old stuff" that I love.

Vintage China Collection by Koreana

I literally went "Ooooooooo" and my eyes bugged out when I saw this. I collect tea cups and saucers too but my cupboards are nowhere near as pretty. But this is quite inspirational! Ooo, I have that yellow Anthropologie teacup too!

Storage Solutions by Pretty Shabby

Oh goodness, what don't I love about these shelves? I LOVE the green storage tins so very much, I should do a massive hunt for something similar. And are those little jars with the red & white checkered lids old Jam jars? How clever! Cute and green living!

Vintage Tins with Sewing Supplies by Needlebook

I am so nostalgic for old tin bins. My Grandmother used to send us cookies for the Holidays and she always had the prettiest tins to put them in. I think my parents saved them, I hope! What a smart idea, to use tins to store tiny trinkets.

Vintage Dolls by Plump Pudding

These little dolls are so cute! They remind me so much of the little wooden Hungarian toys we used to see at the Budapest markets. I love old toys, no ugly cheap plastic bits in sight!


  1. Cool! I wish I have that in my home.But its better if I have alligators shoes for my wonderful fashion style.


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