February 6, 2009
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After nearly a YEAR of the old splash page, we've finally decided to change up the front, and just so perfect for Valentine's Day, right? (Don't worry, we'll change it more often than EVERY YEAR from now on.)

So, next on the list is updating the LOOKBOOK. Oh goodness... yeah it's been honestly over a year since that has been touched. It probably has internet cobwebs, haha.

OK... and for NEXT week's updates be on the lookout for new SPRING dresses (for you gals in warmer weather) and cute WINTER dresses (for you girls in cooler temps). Will also be adding super cute new jewelry from La Vie Inspiree (oh my gosh, her new charm necklaces are CUUUTE!!! You won't want to miss it!)


  1. It looks fantastic! Of course, it looked fantastic before, so...

    Still, I understand the need to change things up a bit!

  2. I saw the purple, teal and blue Neverland Dress on Polyvore and I've been in love with it ever since. I went on your website and looked for it everywhere and sadly I cannot find it. I was wondering where I could buy it or how I could get my hands on it.

    please write back!!
    My e-mail is pedmiston@enter.net

    thank you!


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