April 6, 2009
Tomorrow I will be adding more vintage handbags and vintage shoes on AV!

Will be measuring and polishing up lots of lovely heels, loafers, and superbly cool 1960s orange wedge flats (they're pretty MOD MOD!) in the morning and hopefully getting around to the studio to snap some photos.

Oh, and on my little trip to the antique store, I found myself the most lovely straw hat with embroidered flowers which I will wear for Easter brunch! (I just need a vintage dress to go with it...)

I've been trying to decide how best to photograph footwear. Is it better to photograph them worn? <- This can be a bit problematic as the shoes come in various sizes. Or perhaps just by themselves?

I usually opt for items to be photograph by themselves, it makes them stand out more. But with Adorevintage I always want to push to have better photos, to represent these beautiful and wonderful items in the best light possible.

Shoe Photography Inspiration from Anthropologie