April 16, 2009

I am so excited about the new "Modern Vintage" clothes, everything is just so cute! I really love the "Princessa T-Shirt" the art on it reminds me of the illustrations from The Little Prince. With a cute little polka dot skirt and ballet flats, that would be one seriously adorable outfit!

Ahh and the black and white striped tunic...(Twiggy! Twiggy!) a wardrobe essential, no? What I love about this tunic though is that it flares out a little bit. I posted a picture of Kate Moss wearing a Tory Burch striped tunic for comparison fit/shape since it's very similar. And if you're a petite gal you can wear the tunic as a mini dress. (I made sure to order an extra one of these for my own closet *hehe*)

Kate Moss in Striped Dress

Don't you just love how Kate Moss wore black and white with brown? Ahhh I love Kate!


  1. There's a reason she's called a fashion icon, and I have crazy closet envy for Kates entire wardrobe.

  2. Man I love black and white stripes. Will have to keep an eye out for the tunic!

  3. That Kate moss is soooo cheeky and cute! Only she could get away with that belt



  4. Thats one of my favourite kate looks :-)

  5. Nice dress I like all your collections.


  6. I love modern vintage clothing. All my friends wear 80's and neon clothing. I don't wear that. I wear stripes and lace. I love small flower prints on skirts with a t shirt from some old band that was popular in the 50's.


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