May 7, 2009
Since I LOVE LOVE Zooey's cute and vintage style, naturally I had to feature a gallery for her cute outfits!

Check out the new Zooey Deschanel Style Gallery! (So many cute vintage dresses!)

Just click on her name under "Celeb Style"

And if you haven't voted yet for the next celebrity to get a feature gallery... please do so! (Poll on the right!)


  1. Love your blog and your vintage style! I have a little Etsy shop which has been quite popular for the past few months, where I have offered vintage / reconstructed / and vintage inspired garments, shoes and purses. I'm trying to figure out, however, if everything labeled "vintage" must be of a particular age. I have discovered some gorgeous garments and accessories, but I don't think they are "old" and yet my customers have been very positive about my choice of styles to carry in my little shop. I would like to connect with others in the vintage community, but it may be that my direction would not be considered truly "vintage." I would appreciate any feedback you can give me! Thanks so much, Nina @ Gossamer Wings Studio

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