August 6, 2009
The best way to see how women actually dressed "back in the day" is to view old pictures and photographs. While it's nice to see the glamorous fashion models in magazines and advertisements and the glittery celebrities in the movies... it's also great to see how those high end vintage fashions translated for the every day woman. So here are some vintage streetstyle photos!

Circa 1961 - Photo courtesy of Harry619

Photo courtesy of FozzieBearLovesRetro

Circa 1964 - Photo courtesy of Neato1


  1. Fantastic photos! The women in the second photo look so incredibly glamorous!

  2. So beautiful! I love old photos as well :-)

  3. The second photo is of my mother's aunt Dolly (on the right) along with a friend of hers, Marguerite Belafonte (Harry's first wife). Thanks for including the photo of my aunt! I get a kick out of the fact that other people are enjoying my old family photo. :)



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