September 19, 2009
There is nothing sweeter in the world than a kiss. A kiss from your beloved, a child, a friend. I'm quite an affectionate person and usually upon meeting you will give you a hug. My Grandmother always said hugs and kisses were very special and should be given out often.

So for today's "Saturday Vintage Inspiration", a series of old photographs of just that. X's and O's!

Photo courtesy of ATypicalArt

Photo courtesy of Striderv

Photo courtesy of Lutherblissett71

Photo courtesy of Wookie

Photo courtesy of Snapscot


  1. My room is filled with old b&w kissing couples photos. My 2 favs are "The War's End Kiss" and the Robert Doisneau pic of the couple kissing on the side of the street in Paris! So romantic. I love the post, keep it up!


  2. These pictures are beautiful.

  3. I love the couple kissing behind the car.


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