September 27, 2009
What is a Peter Pan Collar?
A Peter Pan collar is a specific type of shirt collar, usually found on women's and girl's clothing. The shape and name of the Peter Pan collar appear to have originated in the mid-twentieth century. The design became very popular for school uniforms, and began to spill over into popular culture. Despite being named after a masculine character, the Peter Pan collar is associated primarily with feminine wear, and rarely appears in men's fashion.
Credit: Wise Geek

Sources: Collectoratorone, Devon Smith, Annabelle Rose, Carl's Old Photos,


  1. I have such a weakness for peter pan collars!

  2. I adore Peter Pan collars!

  3. Peter pan collars are adorable, especially on vintage cardigans!

  4. So sweetly adorable! This post reminds me I need to try and find more Peter Pan collared items for my wardrobe, thank you! :)

    Bright wishes for a gorgeous week,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Very cute! Found you through Jessica at Chronically Vintage. Have a lovely day.

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